Bhattarai will end up nowhere if he does not return home: Dahal

Published On: March 15, 2018 01:53 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, March 15: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal has said that he repeatedly urged Dr. Baburam Bhattai, coordinator of Naya Shakti Party Nepal, to return to his previous party CPN (Maoist center). 

Addressing a welcome program organized for 19 new entrants at his party office Peris Danda on Thursday, Maoist Center Chair Dahal said that Naya Shakti Coordinator Baburam Bhattarai has made a great blunder to leave the party.

"He will end up nowhere if he does not return home (CPN (Maoist Center)", Chair Dahal said.

Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal made such remarks referring to those who deserted the party hinting that they would be doomed to failure if they do not return to their previous party.

Reacting to Dahal’s statement, Bhattarai accused the former of taking advantage of the other leaders and cadres under the spell of his clever rhetoric.

Posting a tweet an hour after Dahal's statement became public, he said, "He is trying to trick all the leaders and cadres into supporting unification, which, he believes, will shoot him to power.”


प्रचण्डजीका कुरा सुन्दा स्कूलमा पढेको Pied Piper of Hamelinकविताको सम्झना हुन्छ। मिठो मुरलीवादकले सहरका सबै मुसाहरूलाई आफ्नो धुनको पछि लगाएर समुद्रमा होमे झैं प्रचण्ड अनेक कुतर्क गरेर आफ्नो कुर्सीकानिम्ति पूरै माओवादी शक्ति एमाले समुद्रमा होम्दै हुनुहुन्छ।अबका'मुसा'लाटा छैनन् है! 

— Baburam Bhattarai (@brb1954)

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