Bharatpur Metropolis unveils policies and programs for FY 2022/23, prioritizing sustainable infrastructure development

Published On: June 24, 2022 04:12 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

CHITWAN, June 24: Bharatpur Metropolitan City has accorded priority to developing a systematic, balanced and sustainable urban infrastructure by preparing an integrated urban development master plan. This is stated in the city’s policies and programs unveiled by Mayor Renu Dahal in the 11th Municipal Assembly of the metropolis here today. 

The metropolis has adopted the policy of blacktopping the roads in the main urban areas only after construction of the surface drains. The document states that overhead bridges will be constructed at busy road intersections like Shahid Chowk, Hakim Chowk and Malpot Chowk, among others. 

A team including engineers will be formed for carrying out repairs and maintenance of the infrastructures, gravelling works and filling up ditches and potholes on the roads in a speedy manner to support the 'potholes and ditches-free metropolis' campaign. 

Quality and safe public transport service would be started using electric buses on three routes of the metropolis. A free bus service will be operated for the senior devotees visiting the pilgrimage site Devghat, using electric buses. 

Similarly, public toilets will be constructed at busy places within the city. Construction of infrastructures will be continued under the 'one ward-one park' and the 'one ward-one playground' concept in order to make the metropolis green, environmentally-friendly and sports-friendly.

A feasibility study will be carried out for developing satellite towns with the objective of decentralization of the main urban area. Necessary steps will be taken for developing the city forests as the international-standard tourism infrastructures. Likewise, initiatives will be made to conserve the remaining community forests as the sources of sustainable tourism.

Works like installation and expansion of smart street lamps and high-mast lamps in the main streets and the business oriented districts of the metropolis would be given continuity in partnership with Nepal Electricity Authority. 

More charging stations for electric vehicles will be constructed and the one that is under-construction at the Bharatpur central bus terminal would be completed at the earliest. 

The ward boundaries, road network and the road command area will be demarcated and classified by using the GIS technology. Navigation installation technology will be adopted in the vehicles through the implementation of the GPS system.

A 'Project Bank' will be set up including the possible big projects to be operated the next year for systematizing the infrastructure development works. The electric, telephone, cable and internet cables within the metropolis will be installed underground in a phase-wise manner. 

The haphazard plotting of land will be discouraged and a land-use policy and standard prepared and implemented for checking the land encroachment and unsystematic settlements.

The local government has decided to continue with the green zone, footpath and cycle lane construction and promotion campaign during the implementation of road projects in the next year too.  It also adheres to the policy of encouraging the Bharatpur folks for undertaking physical fitness efforts by establishing an open fitness studio targeting urban population while constructions of disabled and environment-friendly physical infrastructure are to be continued. 

Similarly, the project to construct a fun park on the bank of Narayani River will be continued in partnership with the federal and provincial governments and the local government is to pursue a cooperation from the private sector to establish a national-level industrial school at Bharatpur metropolis-29.

The local government is to facilitate in managing resources of infrastructure development projects to be implemented in the town in partnership with the Infrastructure Development Bank and to develop the Metropolis into a ‘sports city’.   

As said by Mayor Dahal, the support and cooperation will be sought from the federal and the provincial governments and the National Sports Council to complete the works relating to the Gautam Budhha International Cricket Stadium remaining as a national pride project.  

It has decided to take measures for ensuring pro-people quality health services as per its policy of seeking socialism in the health sector. 

Deciding to give continuity to Rs three subsidy per liter in milk production, it has assured of effective implementation of the Animal Ambulance Programme. 

The local government has planned to announce the Bharatpur VisitYear-2080 BS, dedicating itself to make the Bharatpur (Chitwan)-Pokhara (Kaski)-Lumbini golden triangular tourism promotion programme successful.  Moreover, a campaign will be launched to encourage the public to pay tax, making the tax administration accessible, transparent and technology and clients-friendly. 

It will work in partnership with the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Chitwan chapter and other media for their capacity enhancement and empowerment. 

The metropolis has decided to pursue a policy of promoting its international relationship by establishing sisterly relations with international megacities and introducing new practices in the local development endeavors. 

The local government in its policies and programmes pledged to provide landless Dalits, and landless squatters with land and systematize the systemic land occupation.



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