Bhaktapur opens country’s largest vegetable market

Published On: April 7, 2021 10:26 AM NPT

BHAKTAPUR, April 7: Nepal’s largest vegetable market has come into operation in Bhaktapur.

Suryabinayak Green Agriculture Wholesale Market in Sipadol, Suryabinayak is now the country’s largest vegetable market. The market is open in Suryabinayak- 8 Adarsha ​​Sipadol of ​​Suryabinayak Municipality. It is located in an area of ​​35 ropanis.

The market has two separate entry and exit points. One entrance is connected to the Araniko Highway and the other to the main road in Sipadol. A one-way road has been set up to avoid traffic jams in the market. Parking space has been made available in the market and arrangements have been made to transport vegetables to the market.

Rakesh Prasain, chairman of Suryabinayak Green Agriculture Wholesale Market, informed that the largest managed agricultural market in Nepal has been brought into operation with an investment of 320 million rupees. 

Fish and meat market is yet to be set up in the space

There are 750 stalls inside the market. The market will be open from 2AM to 8PM every day. It is a wholesale market, but locals can also set up their retailer stalls.



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