Bathroom décor ideas

Published On: January 17, 2020 11:58 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

How to make a small bathroom look chic and elegant 

A little styling goes a long way, and that is true especially in case of the bathroom, which is an area of the house that is usually overlooked in terms of décor. You see all these images of fabulous bathrooms on Pinterest and it makes you want to renovate yours too, but budget constraints won’t always allow for it. However, there are little tweaks that can help you transform an otherwise boring space. 

Add indoor plants

If you haven’t already, look for a way you can incorporate some indoor plants into your bathroom. A large plant next to the shower, hanging planter by the window or small indoor plant on the vanity can be some good places to add plants. The only thing to keep in mind is that the plants you choose for this space should be air purifying as well as ones that do well in humidity. Invest in colorful planters and grow succulents along a windowsill, if you have one. Alternatively, you can also put dried twigs and plant leaves in pretty flower vases and keep these in front of the bathroom mirror. 

If you are the kind who can’t keep plants alive, then there are actually some pretty great artificial plants and leaves that don’t look totally fake. You can choose to display them together in a vase or bolster a bouquet of flowers with them.

Get rid of clutter or stow it away

It’s very easy for a bathroom to look cluttered and messy because of all the toiletries that you have on the sink space or on the shelves next to the shower. Try to only keep those items that you need on a regular basis out in the open and stow all the other things away. Use baskets and trays to organize supplies and toiletries. Place them in your bathroom’s cabinets or install a few hanging shelves where you can display them nicely. If your bathroom is tiny, clear clutter and add more surface space by installing some shelves above the toilet or right under the mirror and above the sink.

A bathroom can also easily look messy if there’s clutter or no place to hang your towels and robes. So, hang a small hand-towel ring right by the sink where it’s needed, install a hook for your bathrobe, and make sure you have a rod to hang your bath towels on. These simple additions might seem like nothing but they do make a drastic impact on the overall look of the space.

Create an arrangement on your vanity

With a few simple tricks, you can turn your hand soap and tooth brushes into a stylish arrangement. To start with, add a tray. Using a base of a tray will instantly make items feel as though they belong there. Add an odd number of items on top. Placing three, five, or seven or any other odd number of items on a tray always looks better. Incorporate some décor items like scented candles and such, and play with the height and scale of items while doing so i.e. use some taller pieces with shorter ones. This can make your small bathroom space look quite posh. 

Don’t overlook the details, like a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and other catch-alls for thing like Q-tips, cotton pads, and other knickknacks that you need in the bathroom. Transferring those drugstore items from their original packaging makes the whole room look so much more put-together and beautiful. Things don’t have to be functional and dull—it can be functional and pretty at the same time. 

Swap boring fixtures with something jazzy 

Overhead lighting is often overlooked and we usually make do with whatever is already installed there. But there are some really great lighting options available that don’t cost a lot of money. Swap your builder-grade fixture for a chandelier over the tub or vanity to see your space transform with just a little elbow grease.

Similarly, add dramatic contrast to a bathroom with metal fixtures and accessories. Installing a new faucet is usually an easy and also reversible update if the new fixtures fit the existing holes in the sink or countertop. You can also add bronze or copper soap dishes or cabinet hooks to add some subtle touches and glam up the space. 

Change the mirror 

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your small bathroom without much effort? Replace your current mirror with a more sophisticated one to elevate the entire ambiance of your bathroom. It’s not much but the impact is huge. An oversized mirror reflects light and creates the illusion of more space in a tiny bathroom. Mirror shape—just like mirror size—can lend different effects on a bathroom’s décor. A stylish round mirror can offset the rectangular lines of most things in the bathroom.

Framed mirrors, on the other hand, add a decorative touch, like a work of art. Frames range from simple forms with clean lines to large and ornate masterpieces. The more elaborate the mirror, the heavier it will look.


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