Basic to Fantastic

Published On: May 10, 2019 10:17 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

It’s very convenient to reach for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when you are getting ready for the day. And, to be honest, we get it. Not only is the ensemble easy to put together, but it’s super comfortable and quite chic looking too. There are ways you can elevate your style quotient while sticking to the basic jeans and t-shirt combo. The Week brings you some ways you can spice things up.

Add an outerwear
An easy way to upgrade a simple look is by layering an interesting outerwear on top. The trick here is to avoid outerwear that is both plain and in neutral colors and has a simple design, cut, and fit. One way to style your outerwear is by playing up its color. You could match your outwear with the color of your shoes, belt, bag, or earrings. Or, you could pick an outerwear that contrasts with the color palette of the rest of your outfit. But for this to work, your whole outfit (other than the outerwear) has to be in the same color family. If you are mostly wearing neutrals, you could layer an outerwear that has a loud print or pattern. On the other hand, if your outfit seems too loud by itself, you can add a classic outerwear piece that can tone it down.

Accessorize properly
When done right, accessories can transform the most basic of outfit into a fashionable one. Because the jeans and t-shirt outfit is pretty casual in itself, you shouldn’t go overboard with the jewelry. Style dainty and light jewelry, preferably in the same color tone, with your outfit. Wear a thin gold choker with a round neck t-shirt and layer your neck pieces if you have a V neck or low cut top on. Wearing a pair of earrings that match your top will make it look like you put a lot of thought into getting ready. If you aren’t big on jewelry, just strap on a chunky watch. The bag you carry can also add on to your overall style. We suggest you carry bags in classic designs and neutral colors because they match all kinds of outfits and you don’t have to switch bags frequently. In case your outfit feels too plain, you could wear a quirky belt to add the needed pop of color and personality to your look.

The right footwear
When you are wearing simple clothing, your footwear can make or break your overall outfit. The reason why some people look very stylish even when they are just wearing jeans and t-shirt is because they pair them with statement shoes. When you are wearing something as unassuming as a pair of jeans and t-shirt, let the focus of your overall look be on your shoes. If you want to look chic, don’t wear ballet flats, loafers or sandals. Instead, opt for chunky sneakers, boots or even heels because they provide the extra oomph needed to make you look stylish. You don’t have to stick to shoes in black or nude shades. Pick ones that are in an eye-catching color or with bold or floral patterns.

Switch your jeans
Although most people only ever think of skinny trousers when they hear the word jeans, there are other styles and fits of jeans too. If your go-to dark skinny jeans gets too boring to style, switch that up with another type of jeans. You could pick either mom jeans, boot cut jeans, straight leg jeans, flared jeans, trouser jeans or any other kind of jeans to wear instead of skinny jeans. Another thing is “jeans” doesn’t just mean denim trousers, it can also be used to refer to denim shorts, half pants, and quarter pants. You could alternate between wearing jean pants, shorts and quarter pants to keep things fresh. Also, wearing a pair of high-waist bottoms makes you look more fashionable and put together than a pair of low-rise bottoms.

Balancing the overall look
When you add in too many details to spice up your jeans and t-shirt combo, the overall look can come across as very messy. Like we mentioned before, you should not go overboard while styling your outfit and instead try to balance things out. For example, if you are wearing baggy jeans, opt for a well-fitted t-shirt. If your jeans and t-shirt are both baggy, then chances are you will look a bit too sloppy. Wear an oversized or loose fitting t-shirt with slim fit jeans. This look is casual, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time

Balance out the textures, colors and patterns of your outfit too. Avoid wearing a lot of textures at the same time (like pairing leather, sequence and fur together). The same goes for patterns and colors. Don’t go around pairing green pants with pink t-shirt and orange shoes. You will end up looking like a walking rainbow, though there is nothing wrong with that too if you can pull it off. But we suggest you put together a few colorful items and a few items in neutral shades to get the perfect outfit.

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