Banke's elected representatives pledge to work for development

Published On: July 9, 2017 01:45 AM NPT By: Arjun Oli


Dr. Dhabal Shamsher Rana, Mayor, Nepalgunj Sub-metropolis

I'm very happy that people chose me as the mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City. They have huge expectations of me. I must not let them down, and I won't. Keeping the city clean will be my priority as I the sub-metropolis is weak in cleanliness. Likewise, I will also try to establish good governance for development. Thirdly, repairing the bad roads will also be my priority. I promise the voters that I will work honestly to justify their decision to elect me; and make this city beautiful and developed. 

Uma Thapa Magar, Deputy Mayor, Nepalgunj Sub-metropolis

I have taken being the deputy mayor for Nepalgunj as a challenge. But I'm confident that I can strongly face this challenge. We have short-term and long-term development agendas. However, as the deputy mayor, I will first work on sewage cleaning, removing plastics, repairing roads, among others because these are the main problems during the ongoing monsoon. Voters have huge expectations of me and I assure them that they will see development take place in Nepalgunj.

Lahuram Tharu, Chairman, Raptisonari Rural Municipality

I'm very excited to lead the country's largest rural municipality. I have made some commitments to my voters. Now, I have the chance to fulfill those commitments. That will be my priority. Firstly, my priority will be electricity supply; the villages have been living in darkness for years. My second priority will be providing drinking water to the villages. Likewise, solving the inundation problem as well as the squatters' problem is also on my priority list. I will try to deliver on whatever promises I have made. Some may take time, but I will leave no stone unturned. 

Kismat Kumar Kakchyapati, Chairman, Khajura Rural Municipality

The people chose me, and I'm grateful for their trust on me. I have already started implementing the commitments I made to my voters. In the first meeting, we have taken decisions on three important sectors - education, health and agriculture. We have prioritized these sectors and I will work with full dedication to bring changes in the area. Making Khajura Rural Municipality a model of development is my commitment to the people. 

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