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How do we measure human development?

Published On: June 6, 2020 08:45 AM NPT By: Ishwari Prasad Banjade

Human development should be seen as an extensive, innovative, appreciative and community procedure, rather than a simple expansion of health, education and income. The developing world should focus on constructing the basic human capabilities for a rational development. Human development is the key theoretical measure of socio-economic progress.

Rethinking human development

Published On: March 1, 2020 10:11 AM NPT By: Ishwari Prasad Banjade

The concept of human development emerged in the 1970s out of the need to redefine the conventional notion of development which focused only on economic growth. This new idea appeared in the development thinking to disapprove the development model which only stresses on constructing big infrastructures and accelerating the economic growth.