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Iksha Limbu

Iksha is a B.A. 2nd year student at the St. Xavier's College, Maitighar.

Darkness under the lamps

Published On: July 23, 2020 08:18 PM NPT By: Iksha Limbu

Bhawani Thapa, 17, from Baluwatar is not allowed to enter kitchen, and worship when during her period because she is considered 'impure' and 'untouchable'. While medical science reports sleep disturbance during the menstrual cycle for girls and women, Bhawani cannot go to her bed after menstruation. Leaving her bed, which is uneasy for many, she has to find an alternative. Born and brought up in a well-off family in the heart of Kathmandu, Bhawani must strictly adhere to her 'family values' as ordered by her mother and grandmother. However, she is unable to share her suffering. She says: “I know it is a bad practice, but I am still forced to obey simply to respect my mom and grandma."

Woes of modern Chhaupadi

Published On: October 22, 2019 07:51 AM NPT By: Iksha Limbu

This is not meant to disrespect any culture or tradition, but to address the level of awkwardness and discomfort experienced by women. Haven’t we moved forward enough in the world to not scrutinize women who may be having their period?