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Teacher-student tales

Published On: July 26, 2018 12:06 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

KATHMANDU, July 26: With time, the stern association between a teacher and student eases into a friendly bond.  The gradual development in the relationship incites a cordial bond that both cherish forever.

Time to play the game

Published On: July 21, 2018 11:34 AM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

KATHMANDU, July 21: Computer gaming has kept the world occupied, ever since Pac-Man was first introduced. Additional digital games consisting of complicated computer algorithms were soon developed amazing gamers of the era.

Freestyle football: Bend it more than Beckham

Published On: July 16, 2018 10:00 AM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

The majority of Nepal is passionate about football. While some are obsessed with the sport itself, others prefer watching the game. There’s also the third lot; those who provide an acrobatic approach to the sport by bending their bodies but still maintaining balance. This is something neither players dare execute on the field, not viewers see during the live broadcasts.

I can see air in Kathmandu

Published On: July 12, 2018 09:30 AM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

Kathmandu once flaunted serenity. At present, the scenario has changed drastically. What once was known for its vibrant culture and lifestyle now carries an ill-reputation of being a dust adobe. The growing level of air pollution and effluences makes life in the capital difficult. Further, it’s common to find masks onto faces of the majority of the denizens while roaming the streets of Kathmandu. However, even with the precautionary measure, people are still prone to an array of respiratory ailments.

The bitter reality of our education system

Published On: July 3, 2018 09:24 AM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

Isn’t it funny that those who are deprived of facilities are keener in studies? Yet, those who are blessed with all facilities blame how rigorous the education system is. Yes, it’s sad, but it also is a bitter aspect of the society.