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Two killed, four missing in Rolpa landslide

Published On: September 13, 2019 01:47 PM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Sept 13: Two persons died while four others went missing after a rain-triggered landslide buried a house at Cherlabang village in Thawang rural municipality on Thursday night.

Youths in Rolpa resorting to unsafe abortion instead of using contraceptives

Published On: September 8, 2019 04:05 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA , Sept 8: At least 12 health institutions including Rolpa District Hospital in Rolpa provide safe abortion, a non-surgical abortion that is done by using medicines, for unwanted pregnancy of up to nine weeks free of cost. The hospital and two primary health centers also provide safe clinical abortion, which is done by using medical equipment, for fetus up to 12 weeks for free.

Community schools outshine private ones in Rolpa

Published On: September 7, 2019 07:51 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Sept 7: Until a few years ago, private schools posed a huge threat to community schools in Rolpa. While private schools were mushrooming and thriving, community schools looked deserted in lack of students.

In lack of textbooks, college students rely on online resources

Published On: September 5, 2019 09:11 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Sept 5: Jaljala Multiple Campus of Rolpa is teaching students without textbooks as the university to which it is affiliated has not prepared them. The campus switched its affiliation to Mid-western University (MU) from Tribhuvan University (TU) at the start of this academic session.

Insurgency victims in Rolpa await return of missing kin

Published On: August 30, 2019 07:48 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 30: Radio journalist Dhan Bahadur Roka, husband of Dil Kumari Roka, was abducted by the Maoists 18 years ago.

Unidentified group torches ward office in Vice President Pun's hometown

Published On: August 26, 2019 12:32 PM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 26: An unidentified group on Sunday night torched Ward 2 Office of Pariwartan rural municipality and detonated an improvised explosive device.

When sick, Gairigaun locals go to church instead of hospital

Published On: August 24, 2019 07:28 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 24: Bimala Pun, 20, is not celebrating Teej this year. Actually, it’s been five years since the  Garigaun local has squelched her passion for singing and dancing with abandon during the Teej season. The reason why she has skipped all Hindu festivals, which she in fact greatly enjoys, is her conversion to Christianity.

Students rarely pay attention to studies: Rolpali Teachers

Published On: August 23, 2019 07:15 PM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 23: Of 3,531 examinees from Rolpa in the last academic year, 2,198 are appearing for SEE grade improvement examination that started on Sunday this week.

Rolpa District Hospital struggling in lack of resources

Published On: August 22, 2019 08:06 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 22: Speaker of the Parliament, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Minister for Energy, Barshaman Pun’s home district have only one hospital - Rolpa District Hospital. However, this hospital, which is the destination for all the poor people of the district, is itself ailing.

Rolpa doctors perform cesarean delivery with mobile flashlights

Published On: August 18, 2019 01:05 PM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 18: When she heard that the baby in her womb is having difficulty to breathe and needed to be delivered without delay, Junukumari Budha lost all hopes. Everything looked dark to her before she was waiting for the C-section at the Rolpa District Hospital. Some moments earlier, doctors had noted that she was brought to the hospital late and there were complications.

Free health camp meant for conflict victims ends without reaching out to them

Published On: August 13, 2019 07:24 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 13: A week-long free health camp organized by the provincial government targeting people who became physically disabled during the Maoist insurgency has ended before the conflict victims could visit the camp.

Rolpa District Hospital reeling under staff crunch

Published On: August 10, 2019 06:05 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 10: Shortage of staff at District Hospital, Rolpa is not a new issue. However, this time the problem has surfaced due to the lack of coordination between different government bodies.

Prolapsed uterus among young mothers common in Rolpa

Published On: August 4, 2019 05:00 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Aug 4: Kumari BK, 28, has been living with a prolapsed uterus since the last eight years.

‘Love marriage’ taking its toll on girls’ future

Published On: July 30, 2019 07:53 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 30: Dipa Rawal, of Ghartigaun of Rolpa was studying in seventh grade when she quit school to get married. She was 16 then. Now she is 20, has a three-year-old son and her husband is working in Qatar to earn for the family.

Homeless man struggling on streets of Libang since two decades

Published On: July 25, 2019 07:25 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 25: Some time ago, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had claimed that the country would no longer witness homeless people wandering on the streets. He went on to the extent of saying that anyone who sees such people can inform the government authorities.

Rock Garden to boost tourism in Rolpa

Published On: July 22, 2019 07:39 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 22: Twelve kilometers east of the Rolpa headquarters, Liwang, a newly-built Rock Garden has started attracting visitors. Located 3,200 m above sea level, the garden has been built as a tourist spot on Satdobato hill by Rolpa Municipality in coordination with the Division Forest Office.

Rolpa conflict victims worried about the secrecy of their complaints

Published On: July 3, 2019 07:44 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 3: Four years ago, assuring the locals of the confidentiality and secrecy of the details, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) collected complaints from the families of those killed and disappeared in the conflict era. However, as the authorities have done nothing much over these past four years, the victims' families wonder where and in what state the files of their complaints are.

Elected local representative resigns after getting another job

Published On: July 3, 2019 07:28 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 3: One of the local representatives of Rolpa has resigned from her position to work for a project.

Five office assistants transferred from District Health office denied permission to work

Published On: July 1, 2019 11:40 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 1:As many as five low ranking goovernment employees who were transferred to Rolpa Municipality from District Health Office have not been allowed to sign their presence.

Visually-impaired Lokesh Dangi tops SEE in Rolpa district

Published On: June 29, 2019 02:05 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, June 29: A visually-impaired student, Lokesh Dangi of Balkalyan Secondary School at Liwang, Rolpa, has topped the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) in the district. With a GPA of 3.55, Dangi has scored the highest from the community schools running in the district. Along with Dangi, his elder brother Shishir Dangi has also scored a GPA of 3.5.