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Employees working at public schools across the country warns of stringent protests if their salary not revised

Published On: August 17, 2022 11:19 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, August 17: The employees, who have been working in the public school for a long time, have announced that they will go on strike from Wednesday, demanding a permanent position. The Nepal Public School Employees' Council (NPSEC) held a public program in Kathmandu on Tuesday and demanded that the situation where they have to work in public schools for a long time at low wages should be ended.

Only national ID card holders can take medical entrance exams now

Published On: August 9, 2022 03:00 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, August 9: In order to prevent imposters from appearing in the medical entrance examinations, the Medical Education Commission is preparing to make national ID cards mandatory for the candidates in the upcoming entrance examination.

SEE results have deteriorated this year

Published On: July 28, 2022 05:00 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, July 28: The results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) for the year 2022 have worsened. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic which caused schools to remain physically closed for most part of the school year, the learning of the students had been severely affected causing the downfall in the results. The results of the examination conducted by the National Examinations Board (NEB) from the 22nd of April to the 3rd of May are weaker compared to that of 2019.

By the time they reach Grade 12, as much as 66.9 percent students drop out

Published On: July 24, 2022 01:38 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, July 24: The number of students dropping out of school after reaching higher grades has been increasing. According to the data published by the Center for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD), the challenge to keep  students from dropping out of school after reaching higher grades in schools is increasing.

TU decides to hike meeting allowances by 150 percent as its academic quality continues to erode every year

Published On: July 9, 2022 11:30 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, July 9: The country’s oldest university, Tribhuvan University, which has lately seen deterioration in its quality, has hiked meeting allowance by 150 percent. A meeting chaired by the Chancellor and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on Friday amended the Public Procurement Act 2007 and Public Rules 2007 of the university to hike the meeting allowance by 150 percent.

KUKL employees on strike for three weeks

Published On: July 8, 2022 01:15 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, July 8: Despite the government banning strikes in essential services, the employees of Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) have been staging protests at the head office for the past three weeks. The trade union and the drivers' association have warned of further intensifying the protest activities from Friday.

SEE results by mid-July; Rs 98.8 million spent on examining answer sheets

Published On: July 6, 2022 12:35 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, July 6: The results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) conducted by the National Examination Board (NEB) in April will be published by mid-July. Although the examination of answer sheets was stopped for four days due to the local level election, the Board has expedited the work to publish the results.

Education ministry directs educational institutions to implement two-day weekend

Published On: May 13, 2022 11:00 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, May 13: The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on Wednesday directed all educational institutions to provide two days of holiday a week as per the decision of the Council of Ministers on April 26.

Ballot paper printing starts for local level election

Published On: April 2, 2022 10:00 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, April 2: Janak Education Materials Center Ltd, Sanothimi Bhaktapur has started printing ballot papers for the upcoming local level election on May 13

As many as 414,481 students to sit for SEE this year

Published On: March 20, 2022 12:55 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, March 20: The local governments have started making preparations for this year’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE) set to commence from April 22.

SEE results of seven provinces will be published at different times: Chairperson Sharma

Published On: February 22, 2022 02:51 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: As the schools themselves have been conducting the final examination of Grade 10 i.e. Secondary Education Examination (SEE) for the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has decided to hand over the responsibility of operation and management of SEE examinations to the provincial governments.

National Census 2021: Women going abroad increased by 71 percent

Published On: January 28, 2022 11:52 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: The statistics of the National Census 2021 report shows that the number of women migrating to foreign countries in the past decade has increased by 71 percent. The report indicates that the development of information and technology is a major factor behind it.

NRB preparing to introduce banknotes of Rs 100 and Rs 500 denominations with security threads

Published On: November 3, 2021 03:30 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is making preparations to introduce new notes of Rs 100 and Rs 500 denominations that can be identified by even the visually-impaired people by touching the notes. Earlier the NRB had introduced the same type of note for Rs 1,000 with a highly-secure security thread that could be verified by machines.

Only 83 students to be present at TU convocation

Published On: December 14, 2020 12:45 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Dec 14: Only 83 students will participate in Tribhuvan University’s 46th convocation ceremony that is set to happen on Dec 21. The decision was made amid the risk of COVID-19 transmission in Nepal. Although the Office of the Controllers of Examinations had decided to graduate 338 students with MPhil, PhD degrees and gold medalists, not all of them filled the forms.

NRB introduces new Rs 1,000 note which can be identified by visually-impaired

Published On: August 14, 2020 01:35 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

The new banknote is the first of its kind in South Asia

Private school teachers warn of taking self-destructive action if not paid soon

Published On: July 16, 2020 06:20 PM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, July 16: Citing the ongoing crisis induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the private schools haven’t paid their staff for over six months now. Some schools have even asked their teachers and staff to go on unpaid leave. Some teachers and staff have even criticized schools ousting them from their jobs. Till this day, 300 teachers from schools across the country have been asked to go on unpaid leave, leaving them unemployed and frustrated.

No-Maths option in grades 11 and 12 Biology group finalized, teachers protest

Published On: January 31, 2020 07:39 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Jan 31: Nepal Mathematical Society (NMS) has warned of nationwide agitations to protest the exclusion of mathematics from grades 11 and 12 Biology group. The Ministry of Education, through a ministerial decision on August 6 last year, made Mathematics a non-compulsory subject for Biology group in grades 11 and 12. The Curriculum Development Center(CDS) Sanothimi has already finalized the curriculum to be implemented from the next academic session which begins in April.

Universities stripped of power to grant affiliation to medical colleges

Published On: December 15, 2019 06:30 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Dec 15: The recently introduced National Education Policy 2019 has stripped universities of the power to  grant affiliation to medical colleges, and given the Ministry of Education the authority to coordinate the country’s medical education.

US$ 10.5b education project in trouble: Mid-term review

Published On: September 16, 2019 07:39 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: The much-hyped School Sector Development Plan (SSDP), which has a budget of US$ 10.5 billion to be spent over a seven-year period (2016/17-2022/23), is unlikely to achieve its stated objectives, according to a mid-term review.

85% govt schools 'unsuitable' for teaching, learning activities: Govt Report

Published On: August 31, 2019 07:51 AM NPT By: Ruby Rauniyar

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: A government report has shown that the community-owned schools across the country are “not suitable” for conducting teaching and learning activities.