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Ishwar Rauniyar

#MHDay2018: Speaking against ‘stigma’

May 28, 2018 18:53 PM

One of the activists from Mid Western Nepal shared that many NGO workers in the area do not eat in the community programs. They pretend to be ‘fasting’.

What have we done?

March 10, 2018 00:18 AM

When there’s Chhaupadi death, it makes headlines in media but the issue is forgotten in few days.

Saving dignity with pads

February 24, 2018 02:00 AM

For many girls, periods mean missing school days. One of the reasons is lack of access to better and cheaper sanitary pads

Affliction of booze

February 10, 2018 00:45 AM

Not only teachers even principal was drunk and school canteen was freely selling ‘alcohol’.

Toilet tale

January 31, 2018 01:00 AM

In the schools with separate toilets for girls, the attendance rate is high. In those where such facilities are lacking, many girls do not come to school during menstruation.

Politicized schools

January 2, 2017 00:25 AM

Political parties compete for top school posts so that they get to use school budgets as they like

The capital chokes

November 24, 2016 00:15 AM

Combating air pollution has never been a priority of the Nepali political class or of our government

Scribe stories

October 19, 2016 00:25 AM

A young journalist was forced to leave his job after he wasn’t paid for 10 months. He then went to Malaysia for manual labor

Filling the gap

September 28, 2016 00:15 AM

In the absence of men it’s the women who are taking up the responsibility of rebuilding houses in rural areas

No kidding

September 19, 2016 00:25 AM

According to HRW report, 37 percent Nepali girls marry before 18, while 10 percent marry before 15