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Shlomo Ben-Ami

Trump’s war of choice

May 17, 2018 00:10 AM

By trading diplomacy for saber-rattling, Bush administration slammed the door on Iran. Trump embraces same tactic.

US needs Syria strategy

April 29, 2018 00:30 AM

No amount of triumphant rhetoric can obscure the West’s betrayal of the Syrian people, nor disguise its lack of any actual strategy for resolving the Syria conflict

Threat starts at home

April 1, 2018 01:30 AM

Western liberal order is not in crisis because of Russia. Crisis in Western democracies is homegrown

Politics of national memory

February 25, 2018 00:22 AM

When, on a visit to Warsaw in 1970, German Chancellor Willy Brandt suddenly dropped to his knees before the Monument to the Ghetto Uprising, Władysław Gomułka, Poland’s communist leader, whispered, “wrong monument.”

Iran, hollow hegemon

January 31, 2018 00:30 AM

Iran’s interest in avoiding all-out war should be good news for its enemies, which are not in a strong position to manage foreign military entanglements.

To Jerusalem and back

December 26, 2017 00:30 AM

Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is the latest manifestation of the unlikely president’s quest for domestic legitimacy

Failed secession

October 15, 2017 00:30 AM

The malignant effects of identity politics should not be allowed to tear Spanish society apart.

Strong Spain

October 10, 2017 00:30 AM

Spain’s resilience to far-right populism in rest of Europe has deep historical roots.

Trapped in autocracy

September 14, 2017 00:30 AM

When complacent autocrats do not respond to public protests, they face a revolution from below.

Case for Kurdistan

August 9, 2017 00:30 AM

The Kurdish community in Iraq, represented by the Kurdish Regional Government, now has a real shot at statehood.

Middle East burning

July 10, 2017 00:15 AM

Qatar isn’t Saudi Arabia’s problem. Saudis are rather using external enemies to divert attention from domestic problems

The Trump reversal

May 9, 2017 00:15 AM

The Arab monarchies’ religious basis of legitimacy proved sturdier than that of the Arab republics

Living with populism

March 13, 2017 00:15 AM

Democracies can also produce enlightened type of populism, such as that offered by US Senator Bernie Sanders

Populism, past and present

August 11, 2016 00:15 AM

Europe is not alone in being swept up by populism. The US is also in serious danger