Police charge baton on demonstrators in front of Indian Embassy (with video)

March 10, 2017 14:42 PM

KATHMANDU, March 10: Police charged baton on demonstrators, gathered in front of Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to protest against the Kanchanpur incident.

Shivaratri at Pashupati

February 25, 2017 08:32 AM

The Pashupatinath Temple  area was jam-packed with colorful Sadhus, devout pilgrims, and curious visitors from within and outside the country this Mahashivaratri too. Here are a few glimpses from the Sivaratri celebrations at Pashupati on Friday.

Leopard frightens locals at Gothatar (photo/video)

February 21, 2017 19:22 PM

KATHMANDU, Feb 21: A leopard has been creating a terror situation around Gothatar of Kageshwari Manohara Municipality in Kathmandu since early morning on Tuesday.

Valentine Day: Day of lovebirds

February 14, 2017 17:32 PM

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: The Valentine Day is being observed across the world. Though lagged far behind in terms of economic development, Nepal has not remained unaffected by this festival.

Shreeswasthani Bratkatha concludes amid rituals

February 10, 2017 16:05 PM

KATHMANDU, Feb 10: Hindu devotees have concluded the Shreeswasthani Bratkatha, a religious festival observed especially by Hindu women, by performing rituals on Friday.

When Oli recalled Indian blockade in Nepal... (with video)

February 2, 2017 17:56 PM

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli on Thursday claimed that his government had made ‘India-locked Nepal’ a land-locked country.

Sonam Lhosar observed with gusto (photo feature)

January 28, 2017 18:38 PM

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: The Sonam Lhosar, the festival of the Tamang Community, is being celebrated with much gusto by organizing various programs across the country.

Candles lit to commemorate rapper Yama Buddha (photo feature)

January 22, 2017 08:11 AM

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: Candles were lit to commemorate late Nepali rapper Anil Adhikari at Basantapur area on Saturday evening.

Police arrest Kulman's supporters (photo/video)

January 3, 2017 14:58 PM

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: A clash occurred between the supporters of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Managing Director, Kulman Ghising and police at Maitighar of the Capital City on Tuesday.

Lhosar celebrations at Tundikhel (Photo Feature)

December 30, 2016 20:35 PM

KATHANDU, Dec 30: The Gurung community celebrated Tamu Lhosar across the country today with full fanfare.

Demonstration in capital to support Dr KC's campaign (photo/video)

December 3, 2016 15:55 PM

KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Solidarity for Govinda KC Alliance has staged a huge demonstraton in the capital, urging the government to save the life of Dr Govinda KC on Saturday.

PM’s effigy burned against constitution amendment bill (photo/video)

December 1, 2016 19:47 PM

KATHMANDU, Dec 1: Protests have continued in different parts of the country against the registration of the constitution amendment bill.

Bagmati Clean-up Campaign enters 183th week

November 12, 2016 13:47 PM

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: The Bagmati Clean-up Campaign, under which the sacred Bagmati River is cleaned every Saturday, entered its 183th week today.

Alluring mountains

November 10, 2016 18:57 PM

People from around the world come and spend thousands of rupees to experience such bliss.  And, I feel privileged to experience such a heaven-like bliss while I am still living.

Bada Dashain leaves capital quiet and forlorn (photo feature)

October 10, 2016 14:51 PM

The Kathmandu Valley has turned out to be quiet and secluded after tens of thousands of people headed for their houses to celebrate the Dashain festival.

The joy of swinging during Dashain

October 10, 2016 14:35 PM

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: There is nobody who doesn't rejoice swing in Dashain, the biggest festival of Hindus.

A place of contradictions

October 7, 2016 03:37 AM

One thing I always take a moment to observe whenever I am at Pashupati Nath is the cremation ritual. Whenever I walk past the cremation grounds, I’m reminded of the vulnerability of life – One minute you are there, and the next minute you are not. This, for me, is a very humbling experience. The reminder that life eventually comes to an end always grounds me and fills me with a deep sense of gratitude to be alive today.

In capacity of a King, Gyanendra offers sword at Pachali Bhairav Temple (photo/video)

October 2, 2016 13:46 PM

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: Former King Gyanendra Shah on Sunday offered a sword at Pachali Bhairav Temple in capacity of a King.

Incessant rainfall inundates Kathmandu roads (photo/video)

September 12, 2016 14:36 PM

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: Major roads in Kathmandu Valley are waterlogged after incessant rainfall since Sunday afternoon.

Together they grow

September 2, 2016 02:00 AM

The word father, derived from many languages of the old, including Latin, Dutch and Old English, all mean the same thing, “one who exercises parental care over another.”