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Arun Kumar Shrivastav

An opportunity for both Nepal and India

September 7, 2016 15:14 PM

When PM Dahal meets up PM Modi in mid-September this year, India-Nepal relations will be in the hands of two most celebrated and also most controversial politicians of the region. They will have a historical opportunity to help alleviate the suffering of millions of Nepalis who are fighting poverty after the catastrophic April 2015 earthquake.

Tipplers’ traffic turns to Nepal

August 29, 2016 15:59 PM

As Bihar becomes the fifth state in India after Kerala, Manipur, Nagaland and Gujarat to implement total prohibition on drinking, there is a daily hide and seek being played out in the bordering districts between those used to drinking and authorities who are up to the task to ensure that they don’t.

The second coming

August 7, 2016 13:39 PM

Prachanda needs to set the ball rolling as quickly as possible and go about tackling the problems with speed and substance.

No guilt feeling please

June 30, 2016 12:13 PM

There is an ever greater need to junk a black and white approach to life; colors are the essence of life

Kabul Tragedy: The price of hoping against hope

June 24, 2016 13:07 PM

KATHMANDU, June 24: The killing of 13 Nepali security guards in Kabul comes as a grim reminder of the perilous neighborhood in which we’re living.

Lest they should look away

June 23, 2016 14:13 PM

Today’s young people anywhere in the world is the most powerful generation in history

Let’s make use of them (Commentary)

June 15, 2016 16:49 PM

Nepal has come a long way with a brand new constitution. It now needs to flaunt it.


June 9, 2016 14:49 PM

Lost opportunities due to current bad blood between India and Nepal will have a long-term impact. India-Nepal relations are at an all-time low and there can be nothing more unfortunate at this hour of need when Nepal has just suffered that devastating earthquake amid unending political instability.