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Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Asia after Trump

April 11, 2018 00:00 AM

According to most experts, while China’s capacity is improving, US remains world leader in research and development.

New cybersecurity norms

March 13, 2018 00:30 AM

Development of cybersecurity norms will be a long process. Progress in some areas need not wait for progress in others

Decline of US soft power

February 13, 2018 00:30 AM

One of the greatest sources of America’s soft power is the openness of its democratic processes

Geopolitics of energy

November 5, 2017 00:30 AM

United States has become the so-called swing producer capable of balancing supply and demand in global hydrocarbon markets.

On Secession

October 8, 2017 00:30 AM

Treating self-determination as a primary rather than secondary moral principle could have terrible results.

Trump’s impact

September 10, 2017 00:30 AM

Would structural forces have brought about the same era of US global leadership under different presidents?

Gift to Europe

July 11, 2017 00:15 AM

Ironically Donald Trump may prove more of a help than a hindrance for a common defense structure in Europe

Xi the Marco Polo?

June 14, 2017 01:00 AM

The United States should welcome China’s BRI and encourage it to be a “responsible stakeholder”

Information warfare

May 16, 2017 00:15 AM

Russia employs armies of paid trolls and botnets to generate false information that can later be legitimated as if it were true

To my non-American friends

April 15, 2017 00:15 AM

Sometimes my friends talk as though the sky is falling and ask if Trump is as dangerous a narcissist as Mussolini. I tell them not to panic

How Trump communicates

February 15, 2017 00:15 AM

Trump’s communication skills were honed in the world of reality television, where outrageous and provocative statements entertain audiences and boost viewership

The China conundrum

January 18, 2017 00:15 AM

If pressed and isolated by Trump’s policy, will China become a disruptive free rider?

Powerful Leaders

June 7, 2016 19:34 PM

Machiavelli understood that fear and love are not opposites, and that the opposite of love—hatred—is dangerous for leaders