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Nepal, China to hand over nationals illegally crossing mutual border

Published On: January 23, 2020 07:52 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: Nepal and China have agreed to hand over each other’s citizens illegally crossing the international border to the authorities concerned in their respective countries within seven days of being detained.

Dahal-Nepal alliance set to keep Oli in check

Published On: January 21, 2020 07:48 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Jan 21: After weeks-long wrangling between the two chairmen, the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) on Sunday unanimously decided to pick Agni Sapkota – a preferred choice of Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal – as the party’s candidate for the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR).

We want to be more active and present in Nepal

Published On: December 24, 2019 08:44 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

Kosh Raj Koirala talked to Director for Asia and Oceania in the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Thierry Mathou, who was in Kathmandu last week to hold political consultations with Nepali leaders and sign the MoU.

Vigilance upped on open border amid unrest over Indian citizenship law

Published On: December 22, 2019 08:01 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Amid concern that new amendments to India’s citizenship-related laws and subsequent protests across that country could cause a mass exodus of people across the open border with Nepal, the authorities here have stepped up security vigilance and checks at major border crossing points.

Migration is good. It just has to be done safely

Published On: December 18, 2019 07:47 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

December 18 is marked as International Migrants Day every year. Although both domestic and international migrations have been taking place for ages, they have started drawing increasing attention in the world in recent years. As this is mixed with elements of unforeseeability, emergency and complexity and a number of challenges and difficulties, there is growing recognition among all stakeholders that all cross-border migration require enhance cooperation and collective action among countries and the region.

Decades-old border issues should not fester under diplomatic politeness

Published On: December 13, 2019 07:16 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: A silent ‘disquiet’ in relations between Kathmandu and New Delhi has surfaced ever since India released its new political map in early November, incorporating some territories belonging to Nepal along the latter’s western border. The move by the Indian side to include in their map Kalapani and other territories that lie to the east of the Mahakali River has sparked a series of protests across this country. These protests are ongoing in different parts of Nepal.

As UN deadline nears, govt forces closure of North Korean businesses

Published On: December 12, 2019 07:10 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: With the UN deadline for member states to repatriate all North Korean nationals earning money in their respective countries just over a week away, Nepal has forcibly closed some North Korean businesses that ignored instructions to cease operations and leave the country by October 31.

Nepal, China agree to expedite BRI projects

Published On: October 14, 2019 07:09 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Oct 14: Elevating their relationship to the level of “strategic partnership,” Nepal and China have agreed to intensify implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to enhance connectivity. The agreement was reached during the two-day state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal.

Nepal set to welcome Chinese prez after 23 years

Published On: October 12, 2019 07:08 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: Chinese President Xi Jinping is arriving in Kathmandu on Saturday on a two-day state visit to Nepal. The visit of Chinese President after a hiatus of 23 years is being widely seen as a milestone visit from the northern neighbor to further deepen economic cooperation between the two countries.

Sharp division within NCP puts projects under MCC grant in limbo

Published On: September 23, 2019 07:15 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

Some lawmakers want terms and conditions of MCC agreement re-negotiated before endorsing it through parliament

Where do pricey gifts received by our VVIPs go?

Published On: September 20, 2019 08:01 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit the headlines for putting up for auction over 2,700 gifts he received during his visits within the country and abroad in the past year, with the proceeds going to the Namani Gange Program launched to rejuvenate the River Ganges.

Chinese FM Wang arrives on three-day visit

Published On: September 9, 2019 09:55 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Sept 9: Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in Kathmandu on a three-day official visit to Nepal on Sunday. The visit is expected to expedite implementation of various projects that Nepal and China have agreed in the past and also lay the ground for the much-anticipated visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal.

NC against restoring Hindu state: Nidhi

Published On: September 6, 2019 12:04 PM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Sept 5: At a time when a section of leaders within the Nepali Congress including its general secretary Dr Shashank Koirala has been advocating for declaring Nepal a Hindu state, Nepali Congress (NC) Vice President Bimalendra Nidhi has dismissed the idea.

Authorities start ‘quiet’ preparation for visit of Chinese President Xi

Published On: September 4, 2019 06:55 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Sept 4: Government authorities of Nepal have quietly expedited necessary preparations to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping in view of his expected visit to Kathmandu in the course of his five-day state visit to India beginning from October 11.

NC brass under fire for failure to make its presence felt

Published On: August 28, 2019 10:37 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: As the government continues to take one controversial decision after another including the passing of highly-contested bills through parliament, many within the Nepali Congress (NC) have started questioning the role of this main opposition party in the legislature.

Nepal, India to expedite Raxaul-Ktm railway, 3 other cross-border lines

Published On: August 23, 2019 09:28 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Aug 23: Nepal and India have agreed to expedite work on a detailed project report (DPR) for the Raxaul-Kathmandu cross-border railway and on the construction of three additional cross-border rail lines connecting with the Nepali border towns of Kakarbhitta, Bhairahawa and Nepalgunj.

Nepal, India agree to recognize each other’s certification of exportable food

Published On: August 21, 2019 06:30 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: In a major agreement that is expected to ease the import and export of various food items between the two countries, Nepal and India have agreed to recognize each other’s inspection, testing and certification of a number of exportable goods such as vegetables and fruits conducted by their relevant bodies.

India, Pakistan should resolve Kashmir through dialogue: Gyawali

Published On: August 20, 2019 06:00 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Aug 20: While refraining from taking a stand on India's recent move on Kashmir, Nepal has expressed a desire to see India and Pakistan resolve the disputed issue through peaceful dialogue.

Dozens including army brigadier general may face dismissal

Published On: August 12, 2019 06:00 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Aug 12: As a part of his ongoing drive against the anomalies existing within the institution, Nepal Army (NA) chief Purna Chandra Thapa is preparing to take action against nearly three dozen army officers including some brigadier generals after they were found to have submitted forged academic credentials and changed their dates of birth to prolong their stay in office.

Army now plans to invest in pharmaceuticals, hydropower

Published On: August 10, 2019 06:45 AM NPT By: Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, Aug 10: Expanding its various business ventures under its welfare activities, the Nepal Army (NA) is preparing to run pharmaceutical companies in the near future, a top army official said on Friday. Brigadier General Sagar Bahadur KC, who heads the Welfare Planning Directorate of Nepal Army, said they are currently making necessary preparation to establish such companies to manufacture vital medicines within the country.