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Solving Landless People Problem in Nepal

Published On: September 9, 2021 08:30 PM NPT By: Keshav Bhattarai

Within the past three decades, different governments have constituted nine commissions led by 17 chairpersons to solve the LDDPS’ problems. These commissions have distributed 45,964 bighas of forest lands to 54,854 families but the problem has become further complicated.

To build or not to build

Published On: December 30, 2018 02:00 AM NPT By: Keshav Bhattarai

If at all Nepal wants to become an air transit hub of Asia, Gautam Buddha International Airport will help us become one

Managing urban traffic

Published On: July 15, 2018 02:00 AM NPT By: Keshav Bhattarai

If much-hyped slogan of “prosperous Nepal” is to be realized, Nepal needs to start gathering real-time data and implement the smart city initiatives

Nepal’s smart city dream

Published On: August 6, 2017 12:40 AM NPT By: Keshav Bhattarai

A number of mayoral candidates promised creating ‘smart city’ for rapid improvement in every aspect of city life. Will they be able to deliver?