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CK Lal

Rotary of revolutions

January 16, 2017 00:35 AM

Rudderless due to unawakened masses, Tarai-Madhesh remains almost leaderless even after a decade of the first major upheaval

Life of letters

January 2, 2017 00:35 AM

How would Buddha Sayami greet Dada when they met in whichever world people pass once life on this planet is over?

After Oliological rush

December 19, 2016 00:25 AM

From the debris of despair, let rays of openness, coexistence and cooperation emerge to light the path to a confident future

Life in borderlands

December 5, 2016 00:35 AM

Long accustomed to walking with bowed heads, Madheshis have begun to imitate Bihari swagger

Diffusion of demagoguery

November 21, 2016 03:30 AM

Nepal needs to be afraid, very-very afraid, of the dominant group with persecution complex, the Olians, striking back

Message from Madhesh

November 7, 2016 00:35 AM

A small section of Madheshis have always been in struggle with their government, but they lacked the internal organization and external linkages

Mandate of heathens

October 17, 2016 00:35 AM

Similar to the dominance of Chakari and Afno-manchhe beneficiaries of Khas-Arya elites in Nepal, the Siamese of Thailand dominate the State

Marginal milestones

October 3, 2016 00:35 AM

In one of those long melancholic nights of Sorah Sharddha this September, memories washed me down the stream of reverie

The 9/11 in Madhesh

September 19, 2016 12:35 PM

Like all other constitutions of the past, the days of the inert statute of 2015 too are numbered

Confessions of a Himalistani

September 5, 2016 00:35 AM

Even though editing and publishing a relatively insignificant periodical—reputation of Himal in an esoteric circle was huge, but it had a small circulation—Kanak dreamt big

Allures of respectability

August 22, 2016 01:00 AM

Ambedkar’s call to “educate, agitate and organize” is applicable for all dominated groups everywhere

Power games

August 8, 2016 00:35 AM

No matter how instable the polity is or how poor and ignorant the populace are, Nepal is accursed to wallow in its sovereign misery as long as the balance of power does not change

A year on

July 25, 2016 00:35 AM

The Indians first appropriated Madhesh Uprising III and then dumped it the moment they thought it had outlived its utility

The calamitous compact

July 11, 2016 00:40 AM

The contested constitution was prepared with the intent of legitimizing social inequalities bordering on racism

The Muddled Madheshis

June 27, 2016 11:00 AM

Former President Ram Baran Yadav must be wondering where he went wrong even though he did everything by the book

More loathing lore

June 13, 2016 00:35 AM

Any community that submits itself to be excluded from the right to be defended and the duty to bear arms becomes a second class citizen