As I leave college

Published On: April 28, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Krishma Manandhar

Our first step out of home led us towards the ladder of learning. After all, it was outside our homes where we learnt to communicate with the world. Kindergarten, primary school, school, and high school and life: that’s how we finally become an adult.

After SLC, we enter high school, colloquially called college in Nepal, with determination to find a subject to fit our interest and career goals.

We also meet different people, make new friends and start accepting heavier responsibilities cultivating a different social relationship. At first, it definitely took some heavy and deep breaths to initiate conversation with other students and teachers. But as we leave college, we become able to lay foundation of strong family and millions of delicate memories and happy moments.

I earned these transformations as I was studying in Uniglobe Higher Secondary School for two years. I realized this more during the final days of our classes, when I had to bid goodbye to that institution which had nurtured me for two years.

When I delivered my valediction panegyric this year, the memories I had with my college overwhelmed me. I wasn’t quite sure what to say but when I initiated writing the note, I was surprised how I wasn’t able to stop the surge of my emotions. I will never forget our field visits, coffee talks, sport classes, bus trips, birthday celebrations, proud moments, sad moments, competitions, exams, results, lectures and my teachers. There are just so many of these bits and pieces that builds up an amazing gallery. 

The short breaks, the sweet-bitter arguments uniting against any foreign interference, smiling at subtle jokes, short talks with teachers, a walk around the corridors, enjoying free classes, helping friends with their questions, laughing to our fullest and living with the most joyful families are uncountable memories which will always make me smile.

I believe time heals, teaches and robs individuals of their momentous thoughts and objects. As days pass by, our lives grow fresh. The intimacy of love and empathy we’ve had for each other gets a prosperous chance to encounter its lost identity and the opportunities and happiness we’ve gained attest the foundation of a lofty and serene pleasure which comes by reminiscing and visiting our older values. So I will be eagerly looking forward to recalling our high school days.

It is said that the memories fade. But I will be addicted to the warmth of the guidance provided by teachers, the blissful college garden and the enchanting beauty of smiling together. I know all of our wishes and cheerful chatters will echo in the air of thoughts until the end of time. I know the soil that has nurtured this beautiful home of hope and selflessness will run into future to safeguard its prestigious history. I know the gates of my colleges are always going to welcome me.

Few years down the line, I will move far ahead in my life, perhaps become a valuable and successful person. But then I will also look back and wink to our solemn and naughty times.

Krishma Manandhar is Grade12  student at Uniglobe Higher Secondary School

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