Aqua Zumba Bringing a new kind of fitness to the pool

Published On: August 4, 2017 01:20 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Who says working out can’t be a party? As peppy Latin music blared by the poolside of Baneshwor Spa last week, 135 fitness enthusiasts of all ages and shapes tried to sweat it out in the swimming pool. Six instructors enthusiastically lead them through numerous sets. With water splashed all around, you could also hear squeals of laughter in between it all. 

“Welcome to Aqua Zumba,” says Sumnima Pandey, one of the three organizers. “It’s perhaps the one and only exercise that brings the party to your gym.”

And it prepared to be true because despite all the fun, by the end of an hour and half session, most of the participants did look quite haggard. So let’s call it a successful workout session. No wonder, it’s poised to be hottest fitness trend the summer. Even though the concept of aqua zumba has been around in our country for a few years now, 2017 is seeing the exercise earnestly catch on. Pandey and her team are not only organizing events in various venues from Woodlands to Spas (if things go according to plan, Shambala is next, she says) but they are being invited to host sessions as well. People too are flocking in the hundreds.

One of the best things about aqua zumba is that there are no restrictions. Your age doesn’t matter. Your fitness level isn’t a factor either. And you would be silly to think this is only for girls. No, aqua zumba is anybody who wants to workout whilst fighting the summer heat. According to the instructors, you will simply need to follow the instructions and manage being in the water because Aqua Zumba entails different movements for the verse, chorus and bridge of each song. 

Pandey’s team has trained aqua zumba trainers and in case you are wondering, she insists, there is a difference in between teaching normal zumba and aqua zumba. 
“We start with 15 minutes of workout then move on to the main routine and end with some stretching; all of it is done in water. An instructor will need to know what they are asking the participants to do,” she explains. 

How it works?
We are all familiar with the water resistance when we step inside a pool. This resistance turns into your biggest asset while participating in aqua zumba sessions. The class is designed in a way to keep you moving non-stop for at least the full period of an hour, thus it provides a great low-impact cardio workout. 

When you are moving under water, the cost of energy rises as the speed of your movement increases. To be able to keep up with the faster movements, your muscular endurance gradually improves. The natural resistance that is created in the water means every step is more challenging and forcing you to do large muscle movements. This will do wonders for all those looking to tone their muscles. 

Thus, this is actually regarded as a full body workout. The Latin-inspired moves focus on the muscles of the core, combined with muscle strengthening exercises. It will work both the upper and lower body. But again, since it is in the water, there is less impact on your joints. You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself in that way. You are able to safely move through full ranges of motion, without extra stress on the joints.
“Don’t think all the fun you will have in the aqua zumba sessions will distract you from engaging in proper workout,” says Pandey. It’s apparently effective for both fitness and weight loss.

Who is best suited for Aqua Zumba? 
All those who like the sound of adding a low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercises to their fitness routine, certainly need to try this out.

Given the low-impact nature of the class, aqua zumba is suitable for both beginners and zumba veterans alike. Because the moves are performed at a comparatively slower pace than on land, first timers can keep up as well. 

Don’t assume you need to be a good dancer either. Many tend to find aqua zumba more appealing because of the fact that no one can see your dance moves. They only see your face, shoulders and head, so breathe a sigh of relief. You can leave those insecurities behind and just focus on doing the moves to the best of your abilities. 

Side note: With regards to what you wear, it’s all up to you. Tank tops and shorts or your bathing suits, the choice is all yours. One thing that isn’t a matter of option though is sunscreen. The classes are almost always outside, during noon. So by the time the hour and a half session wraps, if you don’t wear sunscreen, you will almost certainly be sorry. 

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