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Published On: September 15, 2016 08:54 AM NPT By: Republica

KATHMANDU, Sept 14: Journalism is changing with the digitization of media. Now you can get most of the journalistic content online for free (rest you have to pay premiums for access). But in the digital era, with so much content, web readers and mobile readers suffer from information bombardment. 

Addressing the problems of news clutter, audience segregation and user interactivity, many publishers and app developers have found innovative ways to take their content to the users. One of them is the development of news aggregator apps. 

With news aggregation, the idea is to collect or accumulate web content in one place so that users can access variety of contents from a single app or software. A news aggregator app simply uses the web feeds from other online publishers (websites, blogs, social networking sites and vlogs) and redistributes them in the app for users to read. 


Pocket app will provide you a list of headlines and if it looks interesting to you, you can save them in a list which you can retrieve and read later. Another good thing about this app is that you can enable its extension to other apps like Flipboard and Safari, so that when you are in other apps and stumble upon an interest content, you can push the Pocket button to save it in your list inside the Pocket app.  



Flipboard works as a digital flipbook. You can choose to follow many publications like The Verge, Associated Press, Reuters and Indiewire, as well as follow specific topics like tech, Bollywood, Apple, books and productivity. The apps magazine style interactivity will filter the content based on your topic choices. You can even pick contents and collect them in your own custom made magazines and share publicly with other users.



Feedly ticks off mostly all of the features that are available in Flipboard, however, the difference between the two apps lies on their user experience and personalization. Flipboard has a fancy user interface and gives a chic feel of a glossy magazine. Feedly on the other hand as a simplistic and minimalistic design style. Though Feedly may have a little less social interactivity, it has a uniform reading experience.


Smart News

Smart News app helps you discover trending stories and categorize contents based on different topics and from various publishers. It has a sleek interface and its main attraction is that readers can easily browse through global trends and issues. The app also operates offline and has a comparatively less loading time. 

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