Approaching fiscal year-end prompts Jumla into completing development projects

Published On: June 21, 2016 08:14 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, June 20: Just a week left and there’s lot to do. Locals in Jumla are in hurry day and night to finish ‘development task’ by June 28 after the administration informed that budget for any work completed after the date would not be availed. 

“I leave for work very early in the morning. Get busy throughout the day. Get back to home very late evening,” said Govinda Prasad Neupane of Garjyakot village. “These are rush time. So much of work to do in such a little time.” he added. 

Neupane who would be seen quite busy in household chores otherwise indeed has different routine these days. And this is because the fiscal year is approaching its end. This has prompted concerned authorities and stakeholders to complete all ongoing development tasks before the new fiscal year begins. Completing before the deadline ensures hassle free payment. 

“You cannot generalize it. Not everyone works with honesty to really develop this place. Or else, things would be different today,” says Neupane claiming that he’s unlike others who work just to show off. He added that working at the eleventh hour gives no good results. “However, we have to try our best for doing the best.”

Tikaraj Jaisi of the same village has similar routine and concerns. He is also seen busy day and night in several developmental projects ongoing in the village. He is of the opinion that full dedication of locals results in quality work. 

“There are hundreds of loopholes in the entire system. The state’s duty is not only to release budget. It has to have proper system in place so that development plans are well executed,” he suggested. “Or else, the money is just like water poured in sand,” he added.

Both Jaisi and Neupane, who are getting busy at irrigation sites these days, are worried about quality of the development works. They do not hesitate to say that corruption is one of the biggest reasons behind poor development in Jumla. “We can’t close our eyes and say everything is fine. It’s due to financial irregularities that things are not working well here. Or else, we would have developed a lot by now,” said Jaisi. 

Opening of new tracks, building of temples and canals, among others are some of the most common types of development projects across Jumla. As most of these projects have not been completed, the nearing fiscal year end has prompted most of them to complete them before the deadline. 

Due to this very few visitors are seen even in health posts and medical shops. Let alone youths, even elderly people, pregnant women and nursing mothers are also contributing labor completing development projects. Though locals are paid for their contribution, some locals claim that the participation is not just for making monetary gains, informed Gor Bahadur Buda, an elderly from Dillichaur. 

“It is our place and we want it to develop. We are working hard on our development projects not just to complete them but to ensure quality work is done,” he said. “I am not saying everyone has such attitude, there might be some who just work for monetary gains. But most feel otherwise,” Buda said. The elderly keeps motivating other workers. He asks them to think about sustainable development. “It has to be real development, which works for long term. I keep on telling this to others around,” Buda said.

Some local feel that one of the major reason behind last minute rush every year is due to lack of coordination between the center and the district. District Development Committee does not bring budget on time which automatically delays the works, these locals feel. Some locals also expressed dissatisfaction over influence of political leaders on finalizing local developmental projects. 

A local in Garjyakot village lamented that most of the projects finalized by the District Development Committee were selected by political cadres. “Because of such undue influence, development budget is misused resulting in ‘fake development’,” he said requesting anonymity. “You see the entire village is too busy working since last one week. This is to finish work on time. But how can we give good results this way?” he questioned. 

Some of the locals pointed to the small timeframe given every year for completing development projects as the factor affecting the quality of development work. “During Asoj, Kartik there’s excuse of festival like Dashain and Tihar. From Mangsir to Falgun, development projects are held citing cold climate. Then work begins just around Baishak. But then, from Baishak to Asar, just in three months, how much of work could be done?” asked Jeevan Buda of Malikthata VDC. 

A circular issued by the District Development Committee had informed that budget will not be released for any projects completed after June 28.

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