Amargadhi Municipality makes students aware about dengue

Published On: September 27, 2019 07:31 AM NPT By: Pushkar Bhandari

DADELDHURA, Sept 27: Schools in Amargadhi Municipality are carrying out awareness programs on dengue as the virus has spread almost across the country except in a few mountainous districts. 

Students are taught how to prevent the virus from infecting them and their family members in their houses. The initiative was taken by the health section of Amargadhi Municipality. 

Deputy coordinator of the health section of the municipality, Ganesh Bista, said they have taught the students about the safety measures and have given them the required information on dengue so that the students not only get informed themselves but also make their family members aware about the outbreak. 

According to him, all students from all schools in Amargadhi Municipality were told the symptoms of dengue, safety measures to prevent it, types of mosquitoes spreading the virus and about its medication. 

Female Aedes aegypti mosquito spreads the dengue virus from one infected person to many others and it lays eggs on clean water collected in a pot, flower vase or similar other places. 

“The effective way to stop it from spreading is by destroying its larvae for which we all need to come together and see if we are giving the mosquitoes a favorable place to breed,” said Bista. “We should therefore not let water jam in our homes, veranda, neighborhoods and schools. Even if water has to be collected, we should make sure that the water is changed at least every week.” 

Narbahadur Sanki, ward chair of Amargadhi-8, said that they have been running such campaigns in schools thinking that students can be more effective to spread the awareness in their families, schools and neighborhoods. 

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