After both kidney failure, Nepali migrant worker returns from Malaysia

Published On: January 26, 2020 08:32 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Jan 26: Twenty–two years old Resham Kuwar of Bajbisauna village of Rolpa district has returned from Malaysia following failure of both his kidneys.  He had taken a loan of Rs 130,000 from money lenders to make it to Malaysia two and a half years ago. The kidney problem surfaced six months after he landed in Malaysia, and he has already spent over Rs 1.2 million for his treatment. "The insurance money provided by my company and the financial support from others have all finished but still there is no hope," he lamented. 

His father Mansar Kuwar, whose left-hand does not function properly, stated that it takes around Rs 40,000 per week for his son to follow up dialysis in Kathmandu, which the family cannot afford. For a few days after returning from Malaysia, Resham was in Kathmandu undergoing treatment, but he returned to Rolpa on Friday as he went out of money.  

"It is very expensive to stay in Kathmandu and follow the treatment. We could not afford it, and we are back to Rolpa," said Mansar urging the government and others for help. "We don't have anything at home to sell off to make money for his treatment," he added. 

Father Mansar told that Resham used to get worried about the poor financial condition of the family that forced him to go to Malaysia. "But now he is not able to even move properly. He is only waiting for death," he said, adding that he will look after his son till he is alive. 

There are a few cattle at Mansar's house and a small piece of land where vegetables are grown. The poor family was further burdened by loans borrowed for Resham's treatment. 

"My death is not far away, but I am at home. I can see my mother. There are neighbors around. So, my final days are simple," said Resham.


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