Absence of bridge costs eight lives in Jhimruk

Published On: September 22, 2018 08:21 AM NPT By: SHUMSHER BIKRAM GC

PYUTHAN, Sept 22: The announcement of constructing a bridge over Jhimruk River had offered a respite to the locals residing in the nearby areas. The construction of pillars of the bridge, which connects Dhand, Syaulighari, and Tusara, added to their happiness. However, their happiness could not last for long.

The construction company halted the process halfway stating that the bridge cannot be constructed further. According to the company, the place where the pillars were laid is very weak. 

Locals of Tusara, Libang, Timurchaur and other villages of Jhimruk Rural Municipality have to either cross the river to reach to the rural municipality center, Machchi, or walk a long way through dangerous cliffs. The locals are obliged to walk through the cliff, which is lengthy and difficult when the water level rises. They can cross the river only when the water level recedes after the monsoon.

In lack of a bridge, the locals have to use the difficult route to reach the market often by crawling and creeping. It is not possible for two people to walk through the narrow way. It becomes a challenge to carry ill people to hospital or health center through this route. To add woes to the locals, a recent landslide obstructed this route.

Last year, a person died after falling off the cliff while walking. Locals have urged the government to construct a suspension bridge instead if it is not possible to build a concrete one. 

"We have requested the company for studying the prospects once again and continue the construction," said Tilak Bahadur GC, Chairperson of Jhimruk.

In the absence of a bridge, eight persons have died after being swept away by Jhimruk River over the years. Nirmala Giri of Jhimruk-8, security personnel Bishnu Bahadur Mahatara, Mohan Singh Basnet and Min Bahadur GC of Tusara, Anil Khadka, Rekam Khatri and Bhakta Bahadur Khatri of Okharkot have lost their lives after being swept away by the Jhimruk River.


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