A school more enjoyable than home

Published On: August 15, 2017 01:45 AM NPT By: Bira Gadal

BAITADI, August 14: Diwas Mahara, a ninth-grade at Siddheshwar Higher Secondary School (SHSS) of Patan Municipality-9, Baitadi, invariably wants to attend his school due to the school's child-friendly environment. He enjoys interacting with teachers and students at the school. 

After the introduction of child-friendly education system, the nearly 400 students have been coming to the school regularly. Regular attendance and enthusiasm of students has been a great motivation for the teachers. Management of classrooms and effective teaching has encouraged the students to study.  

“In our society, students scoring good grades in exams are considered brilliant while those who don't are considered dull and this mentality has widely affected both parents and teachers," said Narendra Prasad Bhatta, Principal of SHSS. To minimize the conservative way of teaching and learning system in schools, we have initiated the child-friendly teaching methodology, he added.

According to Bhatta, SHSS has a meeting with the parents every Friday where teachers and parents interact and discuss improving education and developing infrastructures. In internal meetings, the teachers and Principal discuss ways of creating good learning atmosphere in the classroom. Before starting their classes, the teachers prepare the syllabus. Besides that, the students are taught about good habits like sharing, caring, friendliness, maintaining personal hygiene, etc.

“For the mental development of children, motivation is a must. We can do that by appreciating their works, showing affection and by nurturing them,” Bhatta said, adding, "We don't want to affect their brain development by giving them long theories to read and providing them tips to pass their exams."

Kajadesh Mahara, an eighth-grader, said, “I wish there were no day off. I have many friends, caring teachers, extracurricular activities that motivate me to come to the school regularly." 

As informed by Prakash Singh Mahara, a teacher of SHSS, the syllabus of the school should be made by understanding the psychology of students. “Schools should be more pleasant and enjoyable than the homes of the students and  teachers should teach students as per their level of understanding which should support their mental development," said Chief District Officer Lal Singh Terey.


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