A man who built homes for 55 quake victims

Published On: April 27, 2017 06:00 AM NPT By: Shankar Shrestha

DHADING, April 26: While many of the quake reconstruction efforts grabbed media attention from the very beginning, Dinesh Tamang of Dhading has come in the limelight after quietly rebuilding 55 houses for quake victims in his district.

Tamang was born in Kapurgaun-5 of the Ruby Valley, which is the remotest place in Dhading. The place can be reached after three days of walk from the district headquarters, Dhadingbesi.

Tamanag, now 36, is the eldest son of Karna Bahadur and Siri Maya. Twenty years after passing the SLC exams, he got enrolled for a health assistant course. He has a wife, a daughter and a son. The Tamang family currently lives in the capital for the sake of the children's education and the wife's job. 

He has been involved in humanitarian works for the past 15 years. Prior to rebuilding quake-ravaged houses, he helped 45 people of his district to receive treatment for prolapsed uterus by finding donors for them.

Stating that praises and motivation from his friends and community gave him the courage to undertake such endeavors, Tamang shared, "Success in one endeavor motivated me go for another."

He pledges to spend his life serving others. "I myself survived the devastating earthquake by coincidence. As I feel like I'm living a second life after the quake, I will dedicate my life to social works," he added.

After the devastating 7.8 Magnitude Gorkha Earthquake, the government declared to start reconstruction immediately. While the government's promise has been limited to mere lip service, Tamang, on the other hand, actually took the initiative to rebuild the houses damaged by the quake in his district. His delivered what the government could not even after two years of the quake.

And because of his efforts, 55 families are now living in proper shelter in a beautiful integrated settlement. Those families consider Tamang as an avatar of 'God' who actually listened to their prayers and helped them when they were helpless.

But Tamang faces another challenge - although the quake victims have homes now, they have no means to keep their home running as most of the families have low incomes. 

Tamang intends to solve the problem by promoting home-stay in the settlement, which will also provide the families with the means to make a living while promoting tourism at the same time. Promoting off-season vegetables and cotton plantation and animal husbandry, among others, are also his plans.

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