A lovely place to laze about…and eat

Published On: March 1, 2019 12:00 PM NPT By: URZA ACHARYA

Entrepreneurs Kitan S Pradhananga and Niraj Pradhan wanted to get into the restaurant business but they didn’t want to open just ‘another’ restaurant. They wanted their eatery to reflect their values regarding excellence and attention to details and Nini’s Station, located in Manbhawan, Lalitpur, does that and more. The duo has paid especial attention to the interior and the restaurant looks chic and cozy at the same time, making you want to spend some time there and relax.  

This fast food hub operates under the mottos: ‘God is in the details’ and ‘Less is more’. And it’s evident right from the start when you enter and see the pinewood and metal furniture, plenty of indoor plants, riverbed stones near the windows and, of course, the ever alluring ‘dhoja patras’ (prayer flags). With the help of ‘Aspire Interiors’ and especially architect Nisha RC, they have gone for a glass house like look for the restaurant. The idea was to give the restaurant an indoor-outdoor continuity with the help of large glass windows that let ample sunlight in and also create an open, transparent vibe in order for the place to be a cozy and comfortable space to just sit, eat and relax. 

A customized chandelier spelling out Nini’s, ceiling decked up with colorful umbrellas, bamboo lamps and art pieces like white nebula patterns and other illusion like illustrations, all hand drawn, give the restaurant a ‘hip’ charm. And all that, the owners say, have made quite an impression in a lot of youngsters and adults who frequent the restaurant.

What’s more, the food is really good and Nini’s Station is planning to introduce four new mocktails in their summer menu, all named after the glaciers of Nepal like the Yala and the Rikka Samba, to name a few. The chefs, Bijay Nepali and Surya Tamang, have incorporated fast food dishes with a Nepali touch as well as other continental dishes, leaving one with a lot of interesting options to choose from, like the chili cheese fries or the Portman pasta. All the sauces as well as the pasta are homemade and the team focuses on serving quality and hygienic food. 

Nini’s Station is where you should head to when you want a little down time, by yourself or with friends. The cheery vibe of the restaurant will make you feel good till food gets on your table and makes you feel even better. 

Grilled Chicken Burger
Price: Rs 200

The burger is as good as it looks. The buns are toasted and have a slight crunch to them and it’s extremely well balanced with the thick, juicy chicken patty. All of this is topped with fresh lettuce and an in-house mayo-based sauce that not only gives it a good punch but leaves a subtle aftertaste as well. Another thing to note is that along with onions and tomatoes served outside the patty, veggies are incorporated in the patty itself and it is from this that the meat derives a lot of flavor. Complemented with crunchy fries and a fantastic ranch sauce, this is one good dish.

Grilled Chicken Wings
Price: Rs 400

From the first look, the grilled chicken wings look tantalizing with its soft gold color and crispy grill marks. And when you finally dig into it, it does not disappoint. The meat is supple and slips right off the bone and the skin is crisp and well seasoned. The wings are complemented by a sweet and spicy barbeque sauce as well as a fresh salad arranged quite nicely. The wings make for a great ‘finger food’ as you can grab it by the bones and relish it.  

Crispy Tango Potato
Price: Rs 275

This dish is currently not a part of the menu but was running as a special for the month of February. However, it is definitely not to be missed out on at Nini’s Station. The potatoes are deep-fried and sautéed with a special sauce named the ‘hot and sweet’ (which of course is home made) and is finally topped with fresh herbs. The potatoes are hot and crispy when they are first served and coated with a thick layer of a sweet, sour and spicy sauce. 

Chicken Vostok
Price: Rs 350

Chicken Vostok derives its name from “Vostok” of Russia, the series of Soviet spacecraft carrying first mankind to space and the dish has a structure of a spacecraft through the arrangement of the salad and the chicken. The chicken pieces are served with toothpicks and taste really good. The chicken is marinated for hours with spices and topped with chili flakes. They taste like a crispy Nepali rendition of chicken nuggets. And if the chicken gets too spicy for you it can be toned down by the salad served on the side.

Sundae Monster
Price: Rs 250

As summer approaches, we are all reminded about the glory of cold desserts and the sundae monster at Nini’s Station is one you will love. The sundae is a vanilla ice cream and Oreo mix, topped with a wafer and colorful sprinklers. It takes like, to quote Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., “summer in a bowl”, but in this case, a cup. Apart from looking like a perfect Instagram snack, it’s sweet, creamy and crunchy and so basically everything one would want in a dessert. 

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