A lazy guy

June 14, 2018 07:26 AM Avinash Manandhar

Pretends to be a fool
So that he can escape, 
All the things to do

Knows all the answers
But rarely answers;
Somewhere else he’s reaching, 
Something else he’s thinking, 
And it’s a quite tough reality

Afraid of the crowds
The crowd that he needs, 
Deep want to scream up loud
He hides behind the silent lips

Wishes all to be around
That lazy guy, 
But always far from all
With his eyes in the sky
And all he wants
Is to close those eyes,

Stop seeing, stop talking
Stop listening, stop thinking
Stop all he does, 
Except breathing,

Sleep and cool down
The heat in his head
But never could he sleep
And he feels he’s better off dead

Knows all the things
Still unknown, 
That lazy guy
Seems alive, 
But dead inside
Wasting his life, 
But who knows 
What’s really going on? 
In his world 
Across that sky. 

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