A journey from restaurant waiter to owner

Published On: April 16, 2018 02:30 AM NPT By: Yogesh Rawal

TIKAPUR, April 16: A son of a former Kamaiya (bonded laborer) has marked his exemplary journey from a waiter to an owner of a deluxe restaurant. Pyaru Chaudhary, 33, of Tikapur Municipality-5, Manikapur is a co-owner of the luxurious 'Star Café' based in Joshipur Bazaar. He has invested Rs 4 million for the establishment of this café.

Chaudhary started his career in 2004 by working as a waiter at Siddhartha Hotel of Tikapur. At that time, his monthly income was Rs 1,000. He worked there for five years and later went to India. The reason why he moved to a foreign land was his inter-caste marriage. He had tied the knot with Gita Rawal of his own village. As the family members of Rawal kept torturing them after marriage, he had to leave not just his job but also his education. He was a 12th grader at Birendra Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School. 
"I didn't want any kind of problems in the hotel because of me. So, I left the job with the consent of my employer," Chaudhary said.

He went to Rajkot of Gujrat and got an opportunity to work in a three-star hotel. That offered him a chance to learn a lot of things about hotel business. He spent five years there. Though he started as a waiter, he was promoted to a captain at the end. Later, when his in-laws accepted his marriage, he returned back to Nepal along with his wife.

Now, he shares a good relationship with his in-laws. "Now, I am more like their son rather than a son-in-law," Chaudhary said, "They have been a great support for me now." 
 Later, he rejoined Siddhartha Hotel as a food and beverage manager. But this time, his salary was increased to Rs 12,000. "I had some obligations in the past but I always wanted to work in my own country," he added.

 In 2015, he was offered the post of a regional manager in Tikapur-based Galaxy Café. The newly established café offered him a salary of Rs 40,000 per month. He worked there for two years and decided to open a restaurant of his own. He took some loan and opened a café in partnership. As he has spent a large amount of money for the café, he sometimes doubts about his decision. But, so far, he has been doing a great business. 

He had a troublesome childhood. His father was a bonded laborer and his mother had eloped with someone else when he was just four years old. His step mother kept mistreating him and that made him stronger. "My past problems gave me the courage to deal with every hassles of life and that's why I have become successful today," Chaudhary said.

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