A day in Darjeeling

Published On: October 28, 2016 01:14 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

For as long as we can remember, Darjeeling has been promising romantic rendezvous and beautiful cold adventures in many Bollywood movies. But there’s a lot more to Darjeeling than just what’s shown on screen. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai takes a leisurely stroll around Darjeeling and captures the many essence of the place.

If you love momos, then Taipo is a must have for the momo bucket list of your life.  Taipos are basically mega momos with the same ingredients as that of regular momos but with added ingredients such as boiled eggs. Taipos can be found in almost every restaurant in the nooks and crannies of the streets in Darjeeling. However, always opt for a hygienic and clean restaurant even though spacey exclusive ones tend to be rare. Once you find a place you like, savor every bite of the delicious Taipos. 

Cashmere shops
If there’s one thing that a shopper must partake in Darjeeling, it’s a sweater-buying spree. There are numerous shops all over Darjeeling that sell beautiful bright hued sweaters and cardigans ranging from 200 Indian rupees to really expensive ones.

No matter the price, each and every woolen product promises warm attractive winters for many winters to come. You don’t even need to bargain as many shops offer clothes at astonishingly low prices. So when there, don’t forget to buy sweaters for everyone close to your heart.

Bakery items 
Of the many hidden joys of Darjeeling the confectionary and bakery shops are not to be missed. These warm scented shops offer fresh buns and buttery biscuits. Everyone from the rosy-cheeked students out on recess to grab a bite to jolly men with boisterous laughs and smiling faces can be seen queuing up for a bite of deliciousness. Tasty chocolate biscuits, puffed up biscuits, and gigantic fruity breads fresh out of the oven are some of the many things that one can look forward to in Darjeeling. So rest your tired body in one of the cozy shops and enjoy delicious bakery items with a sweet cup of tea.

Golden Tips tea shop
There are a lot of tea leaves shops in Darjeeling that sell the most refined forms of tea leaves, each offering their own special flavors and health benefits. However, one that easily outshines most is none other than Golden Tips (GT), which is, located right before Chaurastha. Golden Tips offers a wide variety of teas such as black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc. GT offers a overwhelming variety of aromatic teas that braches out to form its own types. These teas can be tasted at the café and can be bought in various packages such as eye-catching gift packages to industrial ones.

Horse riding around Chaurastha
Although not every one of us can climb on a horse and torture the poor animal with our weight, for couples with children, this is a great activity. The horse riding is available from six in the morning to six in the evening. In 200 Indian rupees, you can hitch up a ride for your kid on a horse that is harnessed safely and well tended for and also buy some time for a romantic rendezvous in Chaurastha with your significant other. 

A trip around Darjeeling is, of course, incomplete without including Chaurastha in it. Chaurastha is an open space around Darjeeling, enclosed with benches that overlook the beautiful scenery and numerous cafes and shops. Charaustha is the go-to place in Darjeeling for concerts, dance shows and just everything from warm chiyas to a jolly ride around Darjeeling mounted on a horse. Make a trip around Darjeeling and after stuffing yourself with Taipos and crunchy biscuits, settle down on a bench in Chaurastha and people watch with a cuppa. 

Tenzing rock
Tenzing rock and Ghombu rocks are the two rock-climbing stations in Darjeeling which is carried out by the H.M.I. Run by the local people of the area, Tenzing rocks and Ghombu rocks are just solitary rocks that are waiting to be climbed. For just fifty Indian rupees, you can enjoy the thrill of rock climbing. In comparison to other rock climbing areas, these rocks are not that big and hardly take much effort.  So, if you are in an adventurous mood, head over to the Tenzing and Ghombu rock areas.

Druk Sangag Cholung Monastery
Druk Sangag Cholung Monastery is a monastery that can leave anyone in awe. Not only are the wall paintings of awe-inspiring hues and beautiful monuments a sight to behold, but the discipline with which the monastery is run will leave a lasting impression on you. Built in 1989, and inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in 1993, the monastery offers education to orphans and destitute children, a hospital for public healthcare, and home for the old. This monastery not only believes in praying for peace but also on spreading it practically as well.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR)
Constructed in the British Era, The Railway of Darjeeling is still a gracious commodity that helps people travel in and around Darjeeling. DHR is among the two other exotic rail travel experience in India: Palace on Wheel and Deccan Odyssey. This rail travels from New Jalpaiguri (480ft) to Darjeeling(6812ft). Well managed and well oiled, the train accommodates curious travelers and mischievous students alike as it makes its daily trip about in the streets of Darjeeling.


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