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Published On: December 1, 2016 11:55 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Delightful little drinks for winter months

As the months get colder we must find various ways to warm ourselves and keep the winter blues away. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai embarks on a mini journey around the city in search of winter friendly drinks that you can cozy up with. These places and the drinks are perfect for a weekend get together with friends and family.

Honey Latte
Price: Rs 175
@ Kaffeine Tindhara, Durbarmarg

The Honey Latte at Kaffeine is basically the best thing that you can try out new this winter. This drink is made of pure honey as the base, and rich latte at the center with a generous amount of whipped cream on top. Besides being sweet and really good, it is also the perfect remedy for winter sore throats. The whipped cream is warm and the honey does not overpower with sweetness. You can also munch on the cute little coffee beans sprinkled on top of the whipped cream that gives the drink a nice touch. Kaffeine could very well be your ideal spot to hang out once you discover the place. The ambience is really nice and the rates are surprisingly affordable.

Price: Rs 400++
@ Coffee Pasal Durbarmarg

For the winter wonderland fanatics, Coffee Pasal is the best place that you could head to take a sip of the winter ambrosia – Hot Chocolates. Indulgence is the much richer version of the hot chocolate that Coffee Pasal has to offer which is a concoction of the Italian Seriously Rich hot chocolate powder and a perfect proportion of sugar and chocolate. 

This drink is so thick and rich that you can comfortably dig into it with a spoon while relaxing with a good book. Albeit a little too thick, this drink can also be the perfect substitute for a good dessert. 

Mint Oreo Crumble 
Price: 200 ml for Rs 200, 500ml for Rs 300
@ Keventeers Labim Mall, Lalitpur

For ones with a sweet tooth and a rebellious nature to challenge the dreary weather, Keventeers might be the place you would want to head to. In just three months, it has managed to become a trendy place for both your Instagram feed and heart’s content. Mint Oreo Crumble is a refreshing drink with a mixture of mint and carefully blended Oreo cookies that complement each other with absolute perfection. It’s neither too crunchy nor too minty. It’s not very sweet either but has just the right hint of chocolaty flavor. Keventeers serves the milkshakes in cute little glass bottles that you can take home and use as a water bottle.

Price: Rs 110
@ Bento Café Freak Street, Basantapur

Made with organic coffee beans, Doppio is a delight for ones who prefer their drinks to be bitter and strong. For ones who prefer a little sweetness, you can just as easily change the flavor by adding some sugar cubes. Doppio is well blended and not foamy in nature. It goes smooth on the throat in contrary to the burnt taste that Espressos usually taste elsewhere. The recently extended floor has been there for only four months yet it has managed to draw an attention of its own. Bento Cafe offers a friendly ambience for both family and friends alike and a relaxing view over Basantapur. We find this to be the perfect place for weekend breakfast or brunch. 

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