12-year-old boy chained and caged since 2016

Published On: September 1, 2020 12:50 PM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Sept 1: A twelve-year-old boy in Rolpa is in metal chains, and locked up inside a wooden box. He can barely move around. This has been going on for the last four years, since 2016. His family cites poverty and inability to treat him as reasons behind this inhuman condition. The boy, Tilak Khatri, has mental health issues.

"I am helpless. He's my only son. I spent all I could for his treatment but the condition did not improve. It has been four years since we kept him like this," said Karna Bahadur, Tilak’s father, who has three daughters.   

According to the father, the family from Lapadanda of Triveni Rural Municipality – 5 had a small piece of land, which they sold off to pay for the son’s medical bills. His little savings from his daily wages were also spent, and he is in debt now. "But doctors couldn't cure his illness, he laments.

The tiny cage, where Tilak is locked up, is just besides a cowshed where flies, mosquitoes and foul smell are unavoidable. He does not get enough to eat as the family is struggling to meet its daily needs.

"I took him to India; we visited many hospitals. I'm in debt, and everything is out of control now. I haven't been able to give him enough to eat, and I do not have the money to buy him clean clothes," said Karnabahadur.

The boy was just one when he caught fire. His head and the back were injured. According to Karna Bahadur, he was caged after he started to eat his own urine and faeces.

"Sometimes I feel he'd be free from all this suffering if he dies. It's very painful to see him in this condition,” said Karna Bahadur.

Meanwhile, Krishna Bahadur KC, ward chairperson, stated that he cannot help the family unless some help comes from generous people or organizations. "It looks like our humanity is lost; we are also not in a position to do anything. Unless supported by some rich people or some organizations, nothing can be done," added KC.


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