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Published On: November 25, 2016 12:28 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Most of the time the first thing most people think about when it comes to winter style are skinny jeans, heavy boots, and lots of knitwear, but let’s face it, such combos are boring. Even though fashion shows aren’t always directly applicable to your everyday style that doesn’t mean you can’t glean some inspiration and make them your own. The Week spotted some winter trends you can try; ones that are surprisingly practical during the colder months.

No fuss style

Sportswear is definitely having a moment on the catwalks, and what better way to ease this trend into your daily wardrobe than with a bomber jacket? The bomber jacket isn’t a new, breakthrough style by any means, but it’s been cropping up among the celebrity and street-style set for some time now. Simultaneously sporty and sexy, bomber jackets are a great way to dress down or give a too-girly outfit a bit of an edge.

Long bomber jacket: Rs 5800

Sweater t-shirt: Rs 3500

White Zara converse: Rs 4500

Dress it up

Think dresses are only for warmer weathers? Think again! This kind of tight long skirts make for the best options. You can wear it in a 90’s minimalist chic spirit. They are made of knit but can also be found in jersey material and it hugs your body in all the right places. Since it is also stretchable, you can don’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable. 

Grey skirt: Rs 4800

Light grey coat: Rs 8000

Zara heels: Rs 6990

Fringe it Right 

Fringes are something we all so easily associate with summer but do not be fooled, fringe is definitely more of an all rounder. Case in point, we have this emerald green top. The style is ideal for relaxed, effortlessly cool, and incredibly fun winter day out. It also helps balance the roughness of the leather pants. Because it’s such a statement-making piece, it’s best if we keep the rest of our look muted so that the subtle green fringe steals the show.

Green fringe top: Rs 2000
Leather pant: Rs 4500
Ankle boot: Rs 6550

Snug and comfy

It’s called sweater season for a reason and oversized sweaters provide us with all the comfy feels without sacrificing style. From casual to prep-chic, you can pair this with skinny jeans and booties or a pencil skirt to give this one sweater multiple wears. This oversized knitwear can also be nipped at the waist with a belt for an extra glam effect. Either way, it rightly earns its reputation as a season staple.

Oversized sweater: Rs 3500

Strip t-shirt: Rs 2500

Pants and boots: models own

The new classic 

Structured yet comfortable, lightweight yet impactful, there is a new outerwear icon in town. Give your black coat a break with the classic look of a camel-colored coat. It’s a one step way to daily sophistication. The fact that its cut varies from the traditional style only makes it more appealing. Whether dressed up or down, you’ll always look pulled together with this coat as the outer layer. 

Camel coat: Rs 8500

White pant: Rs 2500

Gold strap shoes: Rs 3600

Breakthrough with color 

If you are looking for a multipurpose coat this winter, you might as well put a wrap on winter fall coat shopping, because this is the only one you will ever need. It’s elegant enough to layer over cocktail dresses but perfectly casual for jeans and sweaters too. Further the fact that it isn’t black or brown or blue only makes it better. Why stick with mundane winter palettes when you can break through?

Lavender coat: Rs 6500

Blue bag: Rs 4500

This season we tend to see many people dropping the ball when it comes to their style. While some struggle with making their winter wardrobe more fashionable, there are some who assume, it doesn’t matter – it’s winter and at the end of the day, everybody is just wearing a coat. But that’s not right.

Regardless of the weather and temperature fluctuations, style and warmth don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can still inject a few style basics into your wardrobe that seamlessly combines handsome form and functional utility. With every season comes new style guidelines, and winter has its very own set of fashion blunders. So here are a few faux pas you might want to steer off in the coming months 

Puffer jackets with a dressy outfit

Your outerwear should not be an afterthought. It is most unfortunate when ladies step out in their evening best wrapped up in a casual overcoat. Talk about mixed messages. First impressions mean a lot and your outerwear is a big element for winter dressing. Your coat should reflect the outfit you have on underneath it – so, if you’re rocking a dress and heels, opt for a fitted wool coat with chic buttons.

Layering the wrong way

Layering is key during winter. It’s probably the only way to look great whilst staying warm. Unfortunately though, there are some people who just get the look completely wrong. The art of layering is incredibly important to get right – and the rule is simple: Don’t overdo it. Even if you want to experiment with your look, don’t go too color and pattern crazy. 

Leggings as pants

Don’t get us wrong, leggings are fine for winter – as long as your top covers your behind. Just remember: Leggings do not equal pants. Say no to cropped sweaters that hit at your waist and try to treat your leggings like hosiery. If there’s no structure or zipper to them, they’re more like tights than pants. Leave something to the imagination.

Not being fashionably sensible 

This is something we really don’t understand and something that we see happening all too often; people who don’t even acknowledge that it’s winter, it’s nighttime and that it’s actually really very cold. Every now and then we see people especially at parties walking around in flimsy dresses, cut off sari blouses, or thin sweaters. This might not only cause health issues but you also actually look pretty ridiculous as well.

Wearing the wrong accessory

Being bundled up doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. But this is something that we see being done all too commonly. One can’t  accessorize the way they do in the summers. You have to be mindful of the clothes you are wearing as well. If your earrings or necklaces can’t be seen over the layers, what’s the point? Scarves, hats, gloves usually make for more appropriate accessories during these cold days.

Wearing shapeless coats

Stylists around the world confess they have a bone to pick with those trendy, albeit shapeless, overcoats that don’t do the feminine silhouette any favors. There is always a thin line between looking fashionable or just boxy. Recognize which side you are standing on. Coats regardless of the trend must flatter your silhouette. 

Location:  Grazia, Tangal, Naxal

Model: Binita Oli

Text: Priyanka Gurung

Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

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