Health workers take to street in Dolpa after CDO warned of taking action against health officer over setting up quarantine, isolation wards

Published On: March 31, 2020 09:10 PM NPT By: Bishnu Devkota

DOLPA, March 31: Health workers in Dolpa have been agitated after chief district officer Suresh Sunar warned of taking action against chief of district health office Sijan Rawal over the issue of setting up a quarantine facility and isolation wards to prevent the coronavirus prevention.

It is learnt that CDO Sunar warned Rawal of putting him in custody for failing to establish the quarantine facility and isolation wards in the district headquarters during a recent meeting of the District Disaster Relief Management Committee. Following his dispute with CDO Sunar, Rawal had left the meeting halfway.

CDO Sunar accused district chief health officer Rawal of disobeying his orders to set up quarantine facility and isolation wards.

Earlier, chief minister of Karnali Province had instructed CDO Sunar to make preparations in the battle against COVID-19.

CDO Sunar said that Rawal will face action for failing to discharge given responsibilities. "It is the responsibility of the chief district health officer to do the job. He can't run away from his responsibilities at this hour of crisis amid coronavirus fears," CDO Sunar told Republica Online.

Meanwhile, chief district health officer Rawal said that his office alone can't do everything for the prevention and containment of the novel coronavirus.

"Our demand is that the local administration and concerned stakeholders also should provide necessary support to us in setting up quarantine facility and isolation wards. Because, we can't do everything alone," he asserted.

Health workers have taken to street following the dispute demanding their professional security.

The dispute between the chief district officer and the chief district health officer has resulted in inordinate delay in setting up the quarantine and isolation facilities to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Health workers are now in a mood to launch joint struggle against CDO Sunar saying that their professional security has been challenged by the local administration. They are demanding the resignation of CDO Sunar following the dispute.




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