Baglung hospital flooded with patients with common cold, fever fearing coronavirus

Published On: March 16, 2020 02:52 PM NPT By: RSS

BAGLUNG, March 16: Coronavirus fear has taken its toll across the country. And Baglung district is no exception. Dhawalagiri Zonal Hospital is crowded with an increasing number of patients with common cold and fever fearing the infection, said the hospital health workers.

"I have a bit of fear due to the infection. I have come here after suffering from the common cold and sore throat," said Bishnu Thapa of Jaimini municipality, who was found at the hospital.

Similarly, Aisara Rana also reached the hospital to get her health checked. "I am suffering from heart problems. I have heard that people with heart problems can be affected the most by the infection. So I have come here for health checkups," she said.

The hospital receives approximately 400 patients with common cold and fever on a daily basis, said the hospital.

"Also children suffering from common cold visit the hospital fearing the virus. The number is increasing. Anyone can suffer from common cold and fever with the season change," said Shrishti Baraili, who is an intern at the hospital.

Health workers have been urging people not to panic as this is the season when children get ill due to common cold, cough and viral fever due to dust, smoke and change in weather. Baraili said they have been counseling such patients along with conducting their blood tests.

The number of people coming to the hospital to purchase facemask has also spiked due to the fear of COVID-19.

Shawalagiri Hospital's officiating medical superintendent Dr. Shailendra Pokharel said a growing number of people have been visiting the hospital even in case of common cold, light fever and cough and cold out of fear of catching the coronavirus as there is global fear over this pandemic.

"Maybe because coronavirus has now become the talk of the town and is in everybody's lips, the number of people coming to the hospital for medical examination to make sure they have not contracted it has increased. We not only treat them but also counsel them about COVID-19 and how to keep it at bay," he said.

According to him, presently around 400 people have been visiting the hospital suspecting coronavirus infection. He said so far not a single patient with high chances of COVID-19 infection has been found at Dhawalagiri Hospital.

He said they have also managed an isolation ward with two beds in case of patients with coronavirus infection reporting to the hospital.

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