83-year-old reportedly raped in Ilam

Published On: May 2, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: Bhim Chapagain

ILAM, May 2: In an extremely shocking case, an octogenarian lady has been reportedly raped and injured in Katahare village of Ilam. The elderly woman, aged 83, was raped by an unknown person on Sunday night. According to Pashupatinagar Area Police Office, she has been receiving medical treatment at Birta City Hospital and her health is said to be in normal condition now. 

According to police, she was alone at her home when the accused stormed in and attacked her. In the course of struggle, she was hurt. Her tongue has been injured. 
“She was all alone at home. Somebody went inside her bedroom at night with the intention of raping her. She was injured and probably raped, but the report is yet to confirm it. This was revealed when her daughter spotted her in injured state the next morning,” stated police inspector Shiva Bahadur Budhathoki.

Budhathoki further said that the house was not concrete and so it was vulnerable. The unknown assailant is said to have got into the room at 10 pm and took the old woman under control. “As the daughter found her in a disturbed state in the morning, she rushed her to hospital. She has filed a rape case, but the medical report has not come yet,” he said. 

The incident took place on Sunday. The next day the victim's daughter had filed the case at police station. She had gone to the station with a team that included ward member of Rong Rural Municipality - 1, Buddhi Bahadur Dhakal. Due to some family issues, the old lady used to live alone while her husband and son lived elsewhere. 

“She is too old and feeble. She cannot even move properly on her own. She crawls around using her hands and all the locals are well aware about it. We also tried to find out whether she had any kind of enmity with others, but there was no such issues,” inspector Budhathoki reported. 

On the basis of the victim's description, a 23-year-old man has been taken under custody by the police. Investigation is underway, according to Budhathoki. 
“We took her statement right at the hospital. She told that she was raped by an unknown young man,” Budhathoki said. “We are waiting for medical report,” he added. 

Even though rape cases are getting rampant, rape of an octogenarian has brought to the fore the magnitude of the problem. “Though this is still under investigation, this is indeed shocking. It is a rare case for a woman of that age to be raped,” Budhathoki stated.  


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