Life of a perfect cup of tea

Published On: September 17, 2019 01:00 AM NPT By: Sanju Adhikari

Sanju Adhikari

Sanju Adhikari

Adhikari is a contributor for Republica Online.

Tea is more than a beverage; it’s a lifestyle, and a celebration

Starting your day with a cup of favorite tea recharges the body. And a few more cups throughout the day balance our internal as well as external vibes. Most people take evening tea to wrap up the day which helps to reconnect to self. Tea is not just a beverage but also a lifestyle. 

Tea is a complex drink for its quality and the art of making it. There are thousands of varieties, ranging from classic to endless spiced and herbal tea. Quality of tea leaf is determined by factors like cultivation region, time of plucking, and production method. Tea experts can differentiate its taste, based on various time-frame. Tea leaves plucked in the morning dew has different flavors than the ones plucked in afternoon or evening. Shoots plucked during moonlight gives a different taste than those plucked during a new moon. 

The color, aroma and taste of tea are largely determined by the art of growing, plucking, processing, packing, brewing and serving. Each step is a sensitive science where results depend on foundations of plantation, soil conditions, temperature, soil type, and water and weather components. A cup of tea goes through various stages of this art before reaching our taste buds. 

One can brew tea with style and serve with unique essence. Why is tea made by mother is different than the one made by your granny? Why is tea made in joyous mood better than the one made in lazy mornings or mucky afternoon? Aroma is a sensitive aspect of tea experience and it says a lot about the taste and the experience of drinking it. The art of adding favorite whiff, that touch of smooching first sip, scrupulously enjoyable drink and satisfying last nip is miraculous. Keeping aside the emotional eminence of an individual, the ambience of drinking place and person accompanying tea also plays a big role in its taste. 

All five basic sensations of taste buds—sweetness, astringency, sourness, bitterness and umami—can be received in different varieties of tea. The art of drinking tea in various corners of the world is as lovely as the art of human life. Each cup of tea is as unique as an individual on earth. The journey into the world of tea is a limitless adventure to explore expertise, connect and interact. Just like a human journey.

A person’s life is determined by his origin, environment, nurture, education, mentorship, family, society, and country. But the art of shaping up life is in our hands. No matter where you are planted and where you are shipped, once you reach the point of brewing true life you have to decide the right ingredients and the process for a desired life. What life we have today is exactly the tea pouch we have in hand. Depending on your mood, health or climate, you can make it nutty or tranquil. Quantity of milk, sugar, spices have no meaning if you can’t boil tea the right way. 

Just like a salty Himali tea revitalizes your body system; sugary tea from the southern Terai excites every cell. The one you tasted in still glass in villages has different touch than the one you feel in a clay cup during train travels. The people you meet in different phase of life have different connection with you. 

Taste does not only depend on the quality of tea, but also the art of brewing and serving. Every living and nonliving objects carry own energy waves within and around. Just like the moon’s gravity creates sea tides, light and energy from the sun, the moon, stars and other energy centers touch each tea leaf. Even during tea preparation and serving, energy of an engaged individual embraces each molecule of the tea drop.

Art of human life is as special as an art of a perfect cup of tea. We all have different root, unique body mechanics, inner engineering, diverse relationship dynamics and inimitable perception level to internal and external world. We endure, persevere and then the taste of life that appears to be dying gets rejuvenated. 

Delight of a cup of tea comes to an end but another cup waits to absorb all of life’s coldness. Gravity of your lifestyle can be designed and established as per your brewing. Cycle of one’s life is like a tea bud’s cycle. 

The beauty of making and drinking a perfect cup of tea leads us into the world of contemplation, liveliness and love. Be a sip of blessings, breathe to spray blissful aroma around, splash in style and fulfill the ultimate taste of this precious life. Celebrate a cup of tea today.

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