Political cleaning necessary: Speaker Mahara

Published On: June 29, 2019 03:45 PM NPT By: RSS


KATHMANDU, June 29: Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara said cleanliness is necessary in politics. He said so while speaking in the National Afforestation and Sanitation Programme organized at the Dakshin Barahi community forest at Dadhikot, Surya Binayak municipality-4 today on the occasion of the 70th week of the Hanumante cleaning campaign. "Only cleaning the roads and river is not enough. There is pollution in the country's politics as well. So, political cleaning is also necessary," he said on the occasion.

 Expressing concern over the mafia becoming active in the country, he said, "The mafia elements are active in the country now and these mafia are trying to capture the country." He talked about what he called the government's campaign of returning back to the community the public land, forests, ponds and other natural resources that have gone in the name of the persons and stressed the need of putting to an end the tendency of persons usurping the natural resources and public property.

Lawmaker Mahesh Basnet said Bhaktapur would be made a model district in the coming three years as it would be developed into a place of study and research for the students from within and outside the country in that period. In this connection, he referred to the rain water harvesting campaign, construction of at least one pond in every community forest and declaring the district free from street children, free of traffic jam and fully illuminated district. State Assembly member Sashi Jung Thapa said that an attractive park is being constructed in an area of around 23 ropanis in the Dakshin Barahi community forest with an investment of Rs 7 million by the state government.

Surya Binayak municipality mayor and coordinator of Hanumante Cleaning Campaign, Basudev Thapa and president of community forest users committee Gyan Krishna Shrestha, among other speakers underscored the need of taking care of the plants planted as part of the afforestation programme. Two hundred avocado plants were planted as part of the programme today.


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