Climbers summit virgin Gyalchen peak

Published On: April 10, 2019 08:07 AM NPT By: DHRUBA DANGAL

SINDHUPALCHOWK, April 10: A group of three mountaineers have climbed the 6,151 meter Gyalchen peak of Jugal mountain range, which is the nearest Himalayan peak from the capital city Kathmandu, on Tuesday. This is the first summit by any person in the virgin ‘Jugal Himal’. 

The group comprising of Maya Gurung, Milan Lama and Sharmila Thapa, led by Gurung, successfully climbed the peak. 

“We the three climbers have climbed the peak at 5:20 pm,” Gurung told Republica over satellite phone after the summit while descending to the base camp. 

One of the four climbers, Prem Gurung, however couldn’t reach the summit. According to the team leader, he aborted the expedition from 4,724 meter. 

Other four guides and support staff led by Tulasi Gurung also climbed the peak together with the team. 

The mountaineers had started their expedition on March 29. They had stopped at the high camp for the last four days due to rain, heavy snowfall, and short supply of foods. They were supplied sufficient food by a helicopter on Monday. Then, the weather condition improved and they resumed their expedition to the summit. 

The climbers were supported by Province 3 government and Jugal Municipality with Rs 4 million and Rs 1 million respectively for the first summit of the peak. The climbers are expected to arrive at Dipugau village, which is the first settlement from the mountain, on Wednesday evening.

There are 26 peaks in the Jugal mountain range and of them, 11 peaks have been opened for expedition. Gyalchen is considered easier and lowest among the peaks.

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