60 Chure households facing drinking water crisis

Published On: July 9, 2019 05:00 AM NPT By: PUSKAR BHANDARI

DADELDHURA, July 9: The drying up of water sources in the Chure area due to haphazard excavation has compelled the locals to rely on rivers for water.

As their source of drinking water dried up, 60 households of Parshuram Municipality-3 are compelled to walk for half an hour to to a river for fetching water. In the winter, the locals of these settlements consumed water from Jurakhal. But since the onset of summer, they have been forced to fetch contaminated water from the local rivers.

Every year in summer, the settlements living near the Chure area struggle with drinking water shortage. Especially the locals of Nwali, Todinna, Masko, Katalgada and Gangade in Kanchapur have to deal with water crisis. Local Karan Singh Ayer laments that the lack of proper management of Nwali water source invites this problem every year.

During the elections, the now elected representatives had made various promises to conserve Nwali drinking water source. However, they have completely neglected it these days. "Despite walking for almost an hour, we can't fetch a jar of clean water," said Ayer, adding," What is the point if they keep digging roads and not solve our drinking water problem?"

Another local Rana Bahadur Khwas says the issue of drinking water has been often discussed in the village assembly but to no avail. Locals say there has not been any progress in building roads, either. In 2006, a road track was opened by Bhageshwor Community Forest Consumers Group with a budget of Rs 150,000. In fiscal year 2017/18, Rs 350,000 was allocated for the repair and maintenance of that road.

Due to the lack of proper maintenance, the locals here are compelled to travel on dusty and muddy roads.

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