PM Oli urges Province Assemblies to become development leaders

Published On: February 20, 2019 05:07 PM NPT

KAILALI, Feb 20: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said the Province Assembly legislators should become the heroes and campaigners of development as well as the epitome of the highest aspirations of the people. 

Addressing to the Sudur Paschim Province Assembly today, he urged the provincial assembly to watch over whether or not the budget allocated to the Sudur Paschim province was spend in the right place. The federal government (centre) and bodies under it have allocated Rs 28.84 billion to this province in this fiscal year. 
The Prime Minister stated that the first year of the government was the base year in law-making, management of employees and offices, and in determining the future path for Nepal. He called for all the three tiers of government to work hand in hand to expedite the development works as the people could now no longer wait for many years for fulfillment of their basic education, health, shelter, food and clothes. 
"The Sudur Paschim (far-west) has tourism attraction in the area of mountaineering, trekking, religious sites, Shuklaphanta wildlife reserves etc. There is also potential of hydroelectricity from the Mahakali, Karnali and Seti rivers. The investors are going to come here with their money, technology and machines after the establishment of industrial zone, but please facilitate them regarding the land issues," he explained. 
Stating that there was no reason why the Far-west Province should face shortage of food and clothes, PM Oli said, "The possibility of achieving rapid development is in your own hands. Expand the banana and fruit cultivation and promote agricultural forestry, increase it further; we can export fruits. A stable federal government is with you to ease the legal complexities and make provisions for the necessary budget for the same." 

Prime Minister Oli further said that talks were going on with India regarding acquiring water from the Mahakali river, including the 10 Cusecs of water required for the Dodhara Chandani; however, the Pancheshwar Project was delayed due to the non-committal of southern neighbour. Although it (India) has been formally giving its nod, informally it is bringing the issue of loss and benefit. 
He suggested developing townships by integrating the scattered settlements in the province since it was difficult to take development to these scattered settlements. Stressing on the need of initiating a special campaign to banish the harmful social practice of Chhaupadi that is found in Sudur Paschim, he said, "There are challenges in this as there are many sisters and brothers who might resist to the call of rooting out this ill practice. Let us stamp out the Chhaupadi practice by launching a campaign." 
No children should remain out of school from the coming academic session, PM Oli said, adding that it is sad that the accused person(s) in the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta could not be booked despite the government's maximum efforts to nab the culprits. He vowed to book the culprits. 
In his address to the province assembly lasting for about two hours, PM Oli went on, "There are the scars and wounds from the war, and the government is working to heal these wounds and to provide maximum justice to the affected people. But at the same time some people are making ill efforts to scratch these wounds and disturb the peace. We should not let such people foment violence and their 'business' of conflict management flourish. There is also no need of anyone harbouring ultra revolutionary zeal in the name of the revolution by creating terror and obstructing development projects. There should not be any efforts also at spreading the false message that peace has not been established in Nepal." RSS

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