Glam up your bathroom

Published On: February 8, 2019 11:42 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Overhauling the bathroom is super expensive and kind of tricky because it takes a lot of time and money to revamp a space that already has designated water sources, waste and water outlets. So, a lot of people tend to leave their bathroom as it is even when they revamp their whole house. But you can recondition and update your bathroom to make it look prettier without spending a lot of money. Here are some things you can do to pretty up and maintain your bathroom(s) without breaking the bank.

Get creative with color
Although most people stick to either a neutral or a white palette while choosing tiles, paint, or interior for their bathrooms, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can definitely add color to your bathroom without making it look overwhelming. Because most bathrooms aren’t that big, using different colors to decorate it will make it look messy and cramped. So, don’t incorporate a lot of colors into your bathroom. Instead, pick one or two major colors and then you can find other colors in a similar shade but just a tad bit lighter or darker to complement the dominant colors used in your bathroom.

If you already have an all-white or neutral bathroom and you aren’t up for repainting and furnishing it all over again, simply hang small art pieces around the bathroom to bring in some color. You could also pick out a few new colorful things for your bathroom like the door/floor mat, shower curtains, a small new cabinet or a small succulent that has been put in a colorful vase. Little things like these can go a long way in making your bathroom cheery and vibrant. So get creative with ideas.

Conceal the tidbits
A lot of people just leave their toiletries and other small things lying out and about in their bathrooms. While this doesn’t really affect the cleanliness of your bathroom and probably makes it faster for you access these stuffs, it makes the bathroom look messy and unorganized. A very simple way to take care of this problem is to add a under the sink or over the sink cabinet – if you don’t already have one that is – that is big enough to hold all these tidbits. If your bathroom is really small to fit one big cabinet, you could also make two or three or more (whatever works for you) small cabinets and add them at different locations inside your bathroom like under the sink, over the toilet seat, or next to the wall mirror.

Dry up the space
The modern day standard for a clean bathroom is to have a dry bathroom at all times. But that isn’t really possible when you are constantly using it for different purposes that all include the use of water. So, the best way to keep your bathroom dry is by constantly wiping out and actively making an effort to drain the water that might pool inside your bathroom. Have a plastic or rubber mop that can quickly clean up water and a fresh mop (made out of fabric) that can soak up any remaining water and dry out your bathroom instantly. It’s also good to have your ventilations open at all times inside your bathroom so that your bathroom can stay clean and dry naturally too. Make sure you look under the floor mats and other areas where water can actually pool around when you are cleaning your bathroom. Don’t leave corners damp as that can make your bathroom smell bad. 

Rid your bathroom of odors
However much you clean your bathroom, at some point or the other, it’s going to smell like shit, and quite literally so. Instead of trying to fight this odor, try to find ways to eliminate and subside it. The first trick is to subtly place some household odor eliminators around your bathroom that will invisibly get rid of the odors without making it smell too artificially sweet. You could place either baking soda or vinegar inside a pretty bowl or vase and keep it somewhere inside your bathroom or just have powdered charcoal in a similar container. Then use something like an essential oil diffuser to make your bathroom aromatic without using harsh air fresheners. If you don’t have a diffuser, add a few drops of essential oil to a clean container of water and leave it inside your bathroom without covering it up.

Other little things you can do to make your bathroom pretty

  • Keep a vase full of fresh flowers in your bathroom. It will pretty up the space, add color to it as well as a sweet natural scent to it all at once.
  • Get an eccentric mirror. You don’t have to stick to the classic rectangular or plain and circular mirror for your bathroom. Buy something a little bit more out there that will elevate your basic bathroom and make it pop.
  • Be mindful of the lighting. Don’t make it so bright that the lights will blind you when you make a bathroom run in the middle of the night. But don’t make it too dim either. The trick to striking the balance would be to use multiple lights – one at the center of the bathroom and one above the mirror would be ideal. A dimmer switch too could come in handy.


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