Style your sneakers: A basic guide to sneakers styling

Published On: December 21, 2018 09:13 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Athleisure is a fashion trend that many seem to be completely taken by in recent times. It’s what we see celebrities opt for all the time these days. After all, if you can be highly comfortable while looking good then that’s just so much better, right?

And so you can see almost everyone putting on sneakers with whatever it is that they decide to wear for the day, be it formal attire or a more casual one. And, surprisingly enough, sneakers look good with all kinds of clothes, but that is when someone else is wearing them.

When you try to replicate the look, something about the whole outfit seems a little off. If you have ever felt this way then The Week brings you a short guide on how you can style sneakers without looking (or feeling) like a clown.

Invest in quality and quirky ones
If you want to style your sneakers with most of your outfits and feel good about it then you have to invest in your sneakers. Buying cheap sneakers that will fall apart after 10 wears will not cut it. So, do some research and look for sneakers that are stylish, comfortable, and durable. You will definitely find something that fits your style preference. We aren’t implying that you have to always spend thousands of rupees on good sneakers – you will definitely get good ones without emptying your pocket – but we are just advising you to not pick up every sneakers you see on sale just to expand your collection. Remember, you don’t need many sneakers, just need a few good ones that you can style with almost anything in your wardrobe will do.

We mostly see people gravitate towards neutral toned and very simple sneakers that they assume will match any outfit that they pair it with. While it’s true for the most part, it takes away the fun from an item that is as versatile as sneakers. Sure, you need at least one classic sneakers in a very simple design and neutral color (more specifically – either black or white). But it really isn’t worth it to stack up on similar, simple and boring sneakers. Buy a few sneakers that are more quirky, colorful, patterned, sequined or bejeweled. Not everyone will appreciate that aesthetic but you (or more specifically your feet) will definitely grab everyone’s attention as you walk down the road and you will have more fun dressing up every morning.

Sock it up (or not)
While we are sure everyone wears a pair of socks underneath their sneakers to save their feet from smelling like a fish market and getting blisters, many people are still confused as to what kind of socks they are supposed to wear with it. This is very simple. If you are approaching sneakers for a more casual look then wear longer socks. But if you want to style your sneakers in a more formal way, then stick to ankle socks or foot covers. Also, stick to footwear and socks combo in similar colors – or black and white because, let’s be honest, you will never go wrong with those two colors – if you are styling your look in a more formal way. Otherwise, you will look really cool with a pair of patterned or colorful socks that contrast with your sneakers – especially if you are wearing a shorter bottom like a pair of shorts, dresses, skirts, culottes or pants that end more than half a foot above your ankles.

For fancy events
We are very scared of showing up to a fancy event wearing a fancy dress (or fancy clothing in general) and sneakers because what countless fashion experts have drilled into our minds throughout our lives is that sneakers equals casual or modest. Thankfully, fashion industry is progressing into a more (athleisure inspired) laidback, comfortable and modern approach to looks. So, don’t shy away from breaking those 20th century fashion rules and pairing your most lavish party dress with a pair of sneakers. 

For such occasions, try to match your sneakers with what you are wearing. If your pink dress has blue flowers and green leaves patterned onto them then wear a pair of green sneakers with blue socks. Something like this looks very creatively styled and quirky but it is still not so outrageous that it takes away the focus from your overall look.

Another tip would be to mix different styles while pairing your clothing with your footwear. If your party (or formal) clothing is perky and bright then pair that with sporty looking shoes. If your outfit is very androgynous or in a darker color palette then go for colorful and slightly weird looking sneakers. This balances out your look very well, making you look fashionable and chic without coming off as boring.

Other things to remember
Some sneakers-clothing combinations look great on everyone during every occasion. The most popular of these is the dress and sneakers combo. It mixes both feminine and an androgynous style together so it falls within a lot of people’s style preference.

Monochrome outfits sometimes make the wearer look very cool – but that is only if they are done right. For this kind of look, we suggest you wear a pair of sneakers that falls into the same spectrum of color but is different from the shade of your clothing.

If you feel like your outfit is too basic and you want to add an interesting element to it then let your sneakers do the talking. Wear a pair of bold and outrageous sneakers and see how that transforms your whole look.

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