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Published On: November 30, 2018 08:39 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Tips for putting together the perfect ensemble for wedding receptions and parties during winter 

Wedding season is coming up and everybody likes dressing up for these elaborate occasions. But a common element we see when women dress up for weddings is that, even during winter, a lot of them turn up in skimpy sleeveless blouses and thin and papery sarees.

Though it might seem like the only option women have while dressing up for weddings are these flimsy sarees and lehengas but Designer Kabita Pokharel disagrees. Pokharel, who also runs Toonaz Fashion Design Institute, claims that if we are to be a little creative, we don’t have to stick to these boring and chilly definitions of winter wedding wear.

Here she shares some tips on how you can dress stylishly yet properly keeping the cold weather in mind.

Use thick fabrics
Pokharel’s first tip is to swap lighter fabrics like chiffon or cotton with thick and heavy ones like wool, velvet, tweed, plaid, and bhela. Clothes in the same design and of the same style can be made in thicker and more winter appropriate fabrics too. And, sometimes, the same design looks more polished when it is made using velvet. Tweed and plaid can give an interesting urban edge to a simple lehenga or kurta design. If you ever feel like your outfit made out of a thicker fabric is lackluster then you can also add some fun details to it like embroidery, shiny patches, embellishment, or monograms. For a more traditional approach, you could also use dhaka as it is a warm fabric and make wedding and party appropriate outfits out of it.

Style an outerwear
A lot of people are uneasy about adding an extra layer to the fancy ensemble they plan to wear to weddings and parties. But if you select the right fabric, color, design and fit and style it properly, an outerwear can actually enhance your look and keep you warm at the same time. You could create a statement outerwear piece – like a long blazer or a cardigan (fancier than what you find at retail stores) from scratch at a boutique or have your local tailor stitch one for you. Or you could buy a basic duster coat in a color and design that would go with most, if not all, of the fancy dresses, sarees and lehengas you own. Another more creative way to keep yourself warm could be wrapping a big shawl around yourself that is made up of a warm fabric. Pokharel suggests creating interesting silhouettes with it. For example, you could drape them over both of shoulders from behind and belt together the parts that are hanging at your waist.

Ditch the skirts
Wearing a pair of leggings or stockings underneath our sarees isn’t very practical because the pleated part of the skirt gets between your legs and it doesn’t look flattering. Here, Pokharel says that one should ditch the skirt altogether. Instead, match your fancy blouse with a pair of pants or trousers. You could also wear leggings or stockings too. It would be easier (and would look more put together) if you get a pair of pants made out of the same fabric as the top or blouse or in a fabric that compliments the blouse. A monochromatic outfit would look very sophisticated but if you want to go for a more flattering vibe, you could play up the colors that are subtly present in the top and express them more elaborately on the bottoms.

Wear a single long article of clothing
Pokharel believes that instead of wearing a three-piece kurta suit, you should wear a single clothing article that will cover your whole body. This will keep you warmer because it retains the loss of heat. You could also wear something like a (skin tight) body warmer inside the long dress to keep yourself warm. You could buy these long gowns or dresses at any retail store or make one of your own designs from scratch. There are plenty of ideas online if you do some research. Make sure your dress is not bodycon though because that will reveal everything you are wearing underneath the dress. If your dress has a lot of ruffles or some poofy and fluffy details here and there then that will hide your inner layer(s) of body warmers.

Add one statement piece to a basic outfit
If you are feeling extremely cold and are very uncomfortable wearing something like a saree, lehenga or a dress to a winter wedding then you could simply show up in basic clothes like a pair of jeans, a sweater and a jacket. Just make sure you incorporate an eye catching statement piece into your look. It could be anything from a bag to a pair of shoes or even a fancy hair accessory. Pokharel advises you add a fancy shawl – preferably one that is red in color – to your day outfit before heading to a wedding. This will instantly change the vibe of your outfit. Also wear high heels, if possible, while styling these kinds of looks as heels make you appear more elegant and put together. 


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