5 things about Rubina Thapa

Published On: November 28, 2016 09:53 AM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

Rubina Thapa is an aspiring model and winner of En Vogue Face of House of Fashion 2016. She is the brand ambassador of House of Fashion who is an undergraduate student of Development Studies.

She shares with Prasansha Rimal of Republica five things about her that many may not know.

Many may not know that Rubina is a vegetarian and follows strict diet plan. She believes in eating healthy and is very conscious about what she puts in her body. She is healthy food fanatic and wants to stay fit. She is aiming towards having a better body and getting abs for which she works very hard in gym daily.

She is a little short tempered.  She doesn’t like people judging her. Rubina gets angry when people start assuming things. Although she forgets and forgives quickly, she doesn’t like people speaking about things they have no clue about. She prefers to stay quiet and listen before jumping to conclusion and does not want to hurt anyone.

Rubina is a frequent shopper. She defines herself as someone who has no control over her expenditure. She cannot help herself from experimenting with the new trends and likes to be fashionably updated. She spends most of her time shopping and picking out new trends. Shopping is like meditation to her and she calls it a best stress reliever.


If not for modelling, she would be in development field. Rubina currently looks after various programs of an NGO. She has passion for development works and want to serve the society. She wants to establish herself as a successful individual in development sector. She has the ability to plan and handle failure which she thinks is an important quality to work in this sector.

She believes that being thankful makes sense of past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. The more she cultivates habit of being grateful, the more she is satisfied in her life so she makes it a point to thank everyone for their kindness. Rubina thinks anything is possible if one is willing to work hard. She has faith in god and understands that god extends grace greater than the hardship one goes through to achieve 


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