Govt discriminates in compensations for rape

Published On: September 1, 2018 07:30 AM NPT By: DIL BAHADUR CHHATYAL

DHANGADHI, Sep 1: A month after the rape and subsequent murder of Nirmala Panta of Bhimdutta Municipality of Kanchanpur, the federal government has provided Rs 1 million as compensation to the victim’s family. The government also provided the same amount of money to the family of a 17-year-old boy, Sunny Khuna, a passer-by who was killed in police firing after he got caught in an anti-government protest carried out in the district demanding justice for Nirmala and arrest of her rapists. 

Other girls, who were raped and murdered in the district before Nirmala, however, have been deprived of compensation. The government’s latest move has drawn criticism for discriminating against other girls who suffered similar fate. 

Following the criticism from all walks of life, the provincial government provided Rs 500,000 to families of Maya BK and Nirmala each. The provincial government, which provided compensation to Maya and Nirmala, excluded the family of Kabita Bista, another girl who was killed after rape. 

The victims’ families have complained of discriminating against them for providing the selective compensation. 

The central government was unfair to the family of Maya BK as it provided Rs 1 million to Nirmala’s family but Bista’s family did not receive compensation either from the federal government or from the provincial government. 

Like Nirmala and Maya BK, Kabita Bista of Shantipur in Kanchanpur district was killed after rape on July 10 this year. She was raped and killed in Laljhadi Mohana forest while she was going to buy some goods from the local market. 

Family members had recovered her dead body six days after she went missing. Back then, police investigation had found that two locals – Madan Giri and Bharat Bohara – were involved in raping her. 

“When the government discriminates in providing compensation to the victims, I feel hurt because we all suffered the same fate,” said Kabita’s father, Karan, adding, “Since the government is the guardian of all, it should treat everyone equally. I strongly feel that the government has been quite unjust.” 

Maya’s mother Deusara BK, who is facing financial crisis, complained of discrimination from the federal government. 

“I am a poor woman and had struggled hard to educate my daughter. We were dependent as she used to contribute money for the family. But now, we have lost our source of livelihood,” said Deusara, adding, “The federal government discriminated against us while providing compensation.”


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