Rising mercury makes life difficult in tarai

Published On: July 22, 2018 02:30 AM NPT By: Tanka Chhetri

SARLAHI, July 22: Exposure to excessive heat especially during the daytime has challenged the survival of people living in various parts of tarai.

In fact, the rising mercury for the last two days has made it difficult for the locals to come out of their houses. Though the temperature is hot in the morning, it soars during daytime making it hard for the people to continue their work. "I don't think we will be able to survive if the temperature keeps rising like this," said Kalpana Subedi of Harion, adding, "We are hardly able to breathe."

Even after the onset of monsoon, the locals have not been able to witness cool air. "It's been two days since we are having a hard time staying inside our houses," said Subedi, adding, "Even the electric fan gives hot air." The situation is worse for those who have to cook meal in the kitchen lighting gas and stoves.

People have started flocking Bar and Pipal trees for fresh air and spending their days. Markets have been evacuated as the shopkeepers are unable to open their shops due to extreme heat. The movement of motorcycles, cycles and even pedestrians has decreased significantly on the East-West Highway as the blacktopped road releases hot vapor at daytime.

On Friday, the temperature recorded in the thermometer of Pattharkot was 41 degree Celsius. Only two days ago, the temperature was around 35 degree Celsius. The rapidly increasing temperature has created panic among the people.

The rising mercury has affected schools as well. "We cannot shut the school at the moment as the students are appearing in their exams," said Jaya Shankar Singh, principal of Janata Higher Secondary School, Harion, adding, "We would have closed the school otherwise as we don't want to risk the health of students."Students appearing in the exams are writing their papers with sweaty hands. Extreme heat makes them weak and lazy because of which they can barely concentrate on their studies.

At night, people set their beds on the terraces or in front of open grounds.


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