‘Glass skin’ Get the look

Published On: July 6, 2018 08:50 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

A Korean beauty routine for getting ‘glass skin’ recently went viral on social media, and is a trending topic on Instagram and Twitter. This ritual, which gives your skin a dewy, glowing effect, is actually something that Korean idols and beauty enthusiasts have been practicing for over a decade. The surface of the skin (of the people who successfully follow this skin care regime) is literally so smooth, clear, and poreless that it resembles the surface of a glass, hence the name. Also, there is this beautiful natural sheen to it that looks very healthy adding to the glassy appearance. Apparently, clear dewy skin is achievable through an intensive skin care routine that’s the basis of ‘glass skin’. Here are the three basic steps to getting this look. 

Step #1: Intensive cleansing
Cleansing is the starting point for all good skin care regimens. The slight difference here is that you have to take this step very seriously if you want glass skin. It’s very extensive and repetitive. Start with a good cleansing wipe. Wipe out as much makeup as you can from your skin with it. Focus especially on removing eye makeup, lip makeup, and any foundation, concealer or powder that is covering your skin. Then use a facial cleanser to thoroughly clean out any traces of leftover makeup or impurity your skin might still have. 

Both of these steps are important for a clean face because sometimes you might put on really strong stubborn makeup that sticks to your skin even after you wash it once. The cleansing wipes melt the stubborn makeup and the facial cleanser washes it away. If you feel like your skin is still not completely clean, you can reapply the cleanser and wash your face once more. 

The last part of the cleansing step is applying toner on your face. This is substantially important for anyone with oily or acne prone skin and big pores. Toners shrink skin pores, and maintain the ideal pH balance of your skin. It also refreshes your skin and helps the moisturizer to soak into your skin more effectively. Additionally, it also forms a protective barrier that does not let any dirt stay on your just cleaned face and removes the chlorine and minerals (that might be harmful to your skin) present in tap water. After this, you are left with a very clean base for the rest of your skin care routine to work its magic.

Step #2: Moisturizing to the max
Another very important step to a healthy and glowing skin is moisturizing. Usually, people tend to skip this step during warmer weather because they have the misconception that it’s unnecessary since your skin is already oily during summer and putting on additional greasy stuff onto your skin will cause breakouts. But your skin produces that oil because it is not getting any moisture from the outside. The more effectively you moisturize your skin, the better it gets at managing that self produced grease. Moisturizing is also important to fight wrinkles and avoid the signs of aging. It helps your skin recover from any blemishes, breakouts, scarring and irritation or allergies faster.

You have to moisturize your skin after every wash or at the very least two times a day – morning and night. This step slowly but effectively heals your skin from almost all of its problems be it ageing, breakouts, or sunburn. Make sure to use a lighter moisturizer in the morning and a heavier one at night. That is because you will layer other products on top of your moisturized face in the morning and a heavy moisturizer will feel too laden and cause your skin to sweat more. But, at night, your skin will need that substantial moisture to mend itself. Apply a decent amount of moisturizer on your face. Make sure you properly moisturize the area around your eyes and lips too. You might want to use products that specifically target those areas for better results.

Step #3: Weekly and bi-weekly rituals 
Although beneficial to the skin when done in limitation, there are some steps within glass skin care that you should not do every single day. The first of these is scrubbing. It is very important to smooth out your skin and strip away the dead cells from your skin. But doing this every single day will thin out your skin and make it more prone to damage. You can also alternatively use exfoliators and scrubs for better results.

Use a charcoal mask every week or two to get rid of blackheads. You could also use a nose pore strip if the only area on your face affected by blackheads is your nose. Use a sheet mask every two or three days to boost your skin’s hydration, maintain a natural glow, and treat sunburn or any kind of sun damage. You can also add a drop or two of vitamin C oil to your moisturizer every now and then to make your skin poreless, glowy, and smooth.

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